Rebuilding my Musi 959 nitrous engine in the pits in Ohio before No Prep Kings race day

It was time to refresh and rebuild the Musi 959 in Show Stopper once we got to Ohio, so the crew and I got it done right in the pits before No Prep Kings race day. Be sure to like the video and subscribe to the Channel! Find me on social media also!
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  1. That many people in his pit… either add value or get the fuck gone … fat dude in the lime green hat hindering the hell out my dude.. but not my program..

  2. Kye I know you are good guy but…. You need to keep Ryan Martin out of your pit and fingers off you parts😂😂I like Ryan but he needs to stay in his lane!!! Be safe Kye yiu & Lizzue both!!

  3. Just watched the list last night and saw you steal the hit on axman 🤣😂🤣. I understand people being scared of him, he moved from 21st to 6th. 🤔
    Sure hope you get back in winners circle soon

  4. I hope my pistons get that big when they grow up. I’ve been putting engines together with my father for over 30 years now and I still love to watch it. There’s just something about the inside over a super clean race engine…. I can’t wait to see the new Shocker out there,out 60 footin everyone. Kye is one of the only nitrous cars I actually enjoy watching. 👊🏼

  5. Better let in-law pops check back over you ki. You a driving goat lol stay behind the wheel bra. Keep killing the light lol. Can’t wait to see the show. Musi motors for life! North Carolina for best engine builds. Mooresville nc bra! One

  6. Good stuff Kye! In the late 70s I had a 69 Chevelle SS with a 427 in it and N60s on the back. Raced anything that came my way! Sold it to raise a family. I still miss the racing days! Keep racing as long as you can. Be safe.

  7. I'm a 48 year old commercial fisherman. I grew up on a 62 foot shrimp boat. My dream is that one day I can afford to buy me a nitrous powered musi motor and race the way you do my brother….. Your my idol man 🙏 keep up the good work… Your on the road to taking Ryan martin's crown…. I can feel it bro 💪💪💪💪

  8. Quick suggestion for a video…. Will you make a video of basic tuning, nothing showing your important stuff just basic for people who don't understand how you are making your cars run!

  9. I’m telling you Kye , you sure work your ass off , so you can drive your car for? 3.9 seconds !!! And i really appreciate you , for showing the Kye Kelly and Lizzy Musi Kelly videos !!! Good luck young fella !!!

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