Reaper SS vs Blown Astro Van Plus More!

In this video we followed the reaper ss procharged big block camaro in the big tire class at the ohio no prep event held in hebron, ohio at the national trail raceway. Reaper entered the outlaw big tire class where he met a very unique astro van. The astro van is suv meant to transport children and considered widely as a family vehicle. But, the owner transformed a regular van into the monster seen in the video. There was a lot of issues plagued reaper from having a strong consisent car. This does not stop reaper as he continues to do better with every race with his relatively new car. The new reaper camaro has been built after a horrific trailer fire. Reaper having no quit , rebuilt the car and now is racing with it. With time Reaper will be in the top group but for now reaper is on the struggle bus but just might get around it. Check out the video and the progress Reaper has made, also for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Birdman took forever to get spooled up reaper was just sitting there ready an got burned down that sucks hope reaper gets some wins that's a good dude right there.

  2. All due respect to the Street Outlaws guys, and I'm glad they found success. But I'm tired of seeing the same cars over and over. There are tons of cool cars all across this country that have never been on Discovery Channel. Props to Natalie for the great videos, though.

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