Reacting To Ryan Martins New Car!

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  1. They had a chance to do something cool on the show. Im going to watch kyes episode and that will be it. Hopefully his is old school and how it use to be. Ryan martin missed the whole idea of what old school is and ruined the show for me. The car itself is bad ass. But when they say lets build and race cars like we use to or old days. He missed it. Ndobody put 10 speeds and all that stuff in their street race cars. I got half way threw and said cool build but show sucks based off the build also.

  2. Big fan but I got half way thru and turned it off. Supposed to be back in the day stuff and garage built street car and he goes and buys a restored 150k chevelle and starts cutting it up and says it’s clean so it’s easier to work on WTF?? They have lost me!

  3. Ryan already broke the rules don’t modify the firewall he cuts it up widens the transmission tunnel don’t alter the frame he cuts it and boxes it might as well just bring the fireball Camaro out and race it and don’t forget he had an engine built that probably cost a hundred grand come on man just build your own car 🤦🏻‍♂️

  4. Hey sim I think Ryan's car is badass but it's definitely not a stock street car stock cars don't have modified trans tunnels or altered firewalls most street cars are motors people build in there garage do a diff upgrade throw in a power adder and let it eat 😉 you know what I'm saying as always sim keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  5. Well you wonder why everybody says Ryan has million dollar builds. Go's out and spends, let's be honest, $70 K easy on this sweet 1970 Chevelle. Then does a frame off, cutting and hacking the car which had a really good aftermarket suspension on it to begin with. Has a custom motor built. He will have at least $150K or more into this when he is done. That's getting back to your roots. I understand what he wants for a car and that's cool, but JJ is going to show up with a 1967 Nova he found somewhere. Put a big block in it full of NOS and put him on the trailer. JJ will probably have $40K tops in it, if it is a nice car. Engine will probably be worth more than the car. Monza has a really nice everyday set up.

  6. Ryan's car is awesome but that's not how an average guy is going to build a car. He could have bought a $10-$20k car and started with that. Nobody is going to buy an $75-$100k car then cut it up. That car already had good parts in it. They are out of touch with the viewers.

  7. Woulda been AWESOME if Big Chief woulda showed up to help Kye build his car😂😂 & Kyes gotta be outta his mind letting that David "Shocker Wrecker" Gates anywhere near one of his cars!!! But watching them blowup that Mustang was EPIC !!

  8. I have a thought Shawn not using his og murder nova that he said is better than the new car for NPK Makes u think there still doing a big tire show 🤔

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