Reacting To Big Chiefs “Controversial” Win at War In The Woods!

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  1. I watched many different angles and Chief did nothing wrong, I want to see Chief keep doing this kind of racing. I would rather see him run than talk on his channel

  2. Didn't think that there was anything controversial about it. People hate on him and say he not real street! Fact is the guy beat them fair and square playing by there rules not his rules🤷 and he still the bad guy. Seems to me there is a lot of tall poppy syndrome within no prep at present.

  3. Chief got shut down while doing his first burn out so they could draw chips for a different class instead of waiting till chiefs race was done. so chief was trying to figure out what was going on when that comaro started his burn out so to say chief was burning him down is a shit statement

  4. I guess y’all didn’t see how long it took Chief to get to the line after his burnout? He was doing it on purpose. Y’all need to stop the madness

  5. Biggest way to make the point, show Chief multiple times getting set at the line. He does the same thing EVERYTIME. It's not overly shorter or longer, he has a routine he sticks to.

  6. So all these clows talking trash about Chief. He is out there doing what he loves, what are you haters doing? Setting on your couch talking s#&#! Get you a car and line up next to him. And NPK, there's only a few cars he should even worry about..

  7. Camaro got hot and tires got cold. My video got banned because of it but I got both sides of the stories. No BS
    This a one sided story

  8. The guy in the camaro should have done some research on chief. He is always slow in his burnout procedure. Watch the people that races him on regular basis. They wait until he is almost backed all the way up and getting ready to stage.

  9. Sorry I have to comment. Normally I don't but I'm only saying don't do a half mile burn out while your apponent that has a blower engine not water cooled sitting there waiting for you to show boat and your car is getting hot. Not a lot of people like Justin why alot of people call him big chief or chief. Me personally I don't give a fuck..I like racing period. Dude seriously you need to move on and quit being a suck ass or brown noser on big chief or the street outlaws. Instead of watching it on TV you actually need to be there while they actually racing and go to all there events before commenting on anybody's race. How about this . Put your car up with chief in a real race with a lot money on the table and let's see if you still have you tube still up. I'm not a hater on Justin or you and yes that's what I call him not is not as easy people think it is I know for a fact . period. If it was that easy everybody would win and there would be no losers . Think about that for a moment.

  10. would it be possible that Chief got fed up with the 405 and left, since Ryan has been their top dog and by far fastest and most dominant car?

  11. There you go ruining things for people just in the title before any of us get the chance to watch it…. BECAUSE of you street Outlaws is dead you talk too much.thanks kid like I said go back to school learn something this is a dead end

  12. I watched multiple videos and Chief was taking his time staging his car. They pushed his car back. He never has his car pushed back. And then He sat for a long time before He done his burn out. After the burn out He inched up very slow. He knew what he was doing. He never does that. He did try to burn him down. Why do you think Discovery gave him the boot. When he started to losing most of his races he started to find ways to win(cheat). And he failed. He didn't want to play by the rules that were set for Street Outlaws. Chief is not 405 anymore. The 405 has nothing to do with Chief anymore. He also said he quite his job to race his car. I call bullshit. Discovery fired him and I don't doubt his shop isn't doing good either. He is not the only one doing things like Chief is doing. FACT

  13. The track officials messed it all up. Chief was stopped in the middle of his first burn out and pushed back. Then they had them do the burn outs again. Chief did not know what was going on and started taking his helmet and such off then had to get it all back on when the track official gave the sign to do the burn outs

  14. I think its a good move for Chief and Jackie to step away from Street Outlaws. He looks so much happier now and hes youtube content is fire now. Haters allways gonna hate, sad ppl

  15. Chief didn't burn him down watch chiefs vid he put out after the race the other guy came up to chief an said they had him start way to early nothing to do with chief burning anyone down

  16. You nailed it… 100% disrespectful to the other guys racing. They were all on big tires. It's not like Cheif raced against a bunch of small tire or hard tire cars… Can't expect to get better if you don't compete against better cars.

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