RE BUILDING A WHOLE CAR IN 4 DAYS! Cutting Everything off And Replacing it With New. (Part 1)

RE BUILDING A WHOLE CAR IN 4 DAYS! Cutting Everything off And Replacing it With New. (Part 1)


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  1. We need an update video on Uncle Mike's car, been a long minute since we last saw or heard anything on his ride. Would like to see him finally let go of the button and making passes.

  2. Nice job getting the car to cjrc fast love the video brother S/G to the front 👶 good luck brother you and your crew are the 👨 thank you for that video

  3. Damn dude man Idk how you stood so calm watching the process it hurt just looking at it but hey Cameron is a stud that boy put in some work nice job guys and as always keep up the awesome work 💪 💯

  4. I would say one of the fastest fixes with the most damage in NPK history. Your whole team and CJRC are absolute animals. Mad props!!!

  5. I can't wait to hear what stupid chit came out of Pat Musi mouth this time. Can't believe the work you did in just four days, my hat's off to you and your team. if that doesn't say dedication than I don't know what does. Cameron Johnson is a stand up a good guy, to stand by his work speaks volumes.

  6. Hell yeah, Justin I believe your the real fireball. You have one hell of a crew and support team. Your gang is bad ass. I can't believe you turned it around in a few days and made the next race. You just need to catch a few breaks to be back at the top.Good luck to you and the gang.

  7. I haven't seen the episode, didn't know anything about it. Thank GOD you're ok. It looked very scary. Damn I'm emotional right now and never met you but so happy you're ok

  8. So much hard work and dedication made this incredible repair possible !. This must be a World Record Repair Work. You should report this to the Guinness ! 👍
    Can't wait to watch Part 2.😊

  9. What's the engine on this car? It doesn't quite appear to be a Chrysler Hemi, nor a Ford Modular, though it looks similar to both. Is it a Toyota pickup motor?

  10. Much RESPECT for getting that car turned around and back racing the next weekend !

    Big fan of you guys and CJR & Did Y'all Know Justin Has GRINDERS in the Merch Go get you a Grinder and Use it for all of you're Herbal Cooking needs

  11. Thanks for the video. It is very disappointing that the fire crew took quite so long. It could have prevented some of the damage. One small request. Please get more of a picture stabilizer and don't move the camera so fast. Sometimes it takes me hours to recover from a video. Thanks again. Please be safe.

  12. What took so long for the guys with the fire extinguishers normally they're there within 10 seconds that would have saved so much damage I mean I seen other Fires at the end of the track they were there within seconds good luck bro will be back stronger than ever……..

  13. It's very impressive that you guys got this car ready to race again that quickly. I would have bet against that car ever racing again.

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