Rare Red Power Footage | Plow Day | Chapter 16 IHC

Rare Red Power Footage | Plow Day | Chapter 16 IHC. Rare International tractors in operation on the farm. Never seen before footage of old tractors plowing a field. #farmallfanatic #farmall #redpower


  1. New subscriber here. Love your channel and I love Red Power. I use to have a Massey 245 before I had to sell it with my farm thanks to the bank. I'm in slower lower Delaware but originally from the wonderfull swamp lands of DC. I looking into buying new land to farm on and really like what I see with the Farmall and International muscle. Anyway love your style and energy, keep doing your thing, much Love and Respect

  2. That was really cool. Sincerely appreciate this. Takes me back to the 80s watching dad and grandpa run our Super M,350, 450, 560, 1086, 3088 and 3588 2+2 running two dairy farms.

  3. Thank you for the rembers love the smell of freshley turned soil at sun rise after all niter under the moon and stars ! Too b a tenager on the farm again. Just memorys

  4. Good day Nice video. Boehm farms had hydro 84?? & there hydro is going
    But faster u drive more fuel u will use, I wonder if went gear slower could pull bigger plough, maybe like 14-16 or even 18. Thanks

  5. Nice plow day. Nice to see all that red power working together. Was wondering if you would get the 4 bottom 70 plow for the 756. Thanks for the video. By the way, I never said Hydros can't pull a plow but they have to pull less bottoms than a comparable gear drive tractor. The 1026 can probably pull 5 but that would be a maximum.

  6. Some real nice operating and proper plowmanship,those units all in nice shape and not being abused(ie some guys try to turn plowing into a race)u can go at a got clip without making a mess or simply being too rough, great video FF

  7. Dad pulled a 5×16 with a 2×16 behind with his 1936 CAT RD6 up until the 1960's. The 5×16 Deere had a beam across the hitch extending out a foot or two with a tongue running to the back for the 2×16 to hook on. They ran from midnight on Sunday night to midnight the following Saturday 24 hours a day never shutting the tractor off. The CAT had no generator so would charge batteries during the day to run improvised lights at night.

  8. I was in F.F.A. Back in 1971/72 and there were three farmers ( Garlish ) and it was the dad and his two sons and they farmed a unheard of amount of acres at the time … rented and owned over 1300 acres of prime bottom land . I would drive out too the bottoms and just sit on the hood of my 1962 Bel Aire and watch all three of those tractors pulling plows and or discs with that guttural hum of those 6 cylinder diesels driving and turning over that black dirt . Every once and awhile they would hit a patch of hard pan and those turbo would start winding up ! Brother thank you for sharing what this country boy misses , memories over fifty years ago of a fresh faced farm boy just passing time watching modern technology like the 1066 which were starting to take over more and more chores no one even thought about 15 years earlier . Great video my friend thanks for sharing a mutual passion of farming and feeding the world . 🍺🍺👍🏻

  9. I just picked up a all original 1963 international 145 roll over plow with the original supercheifs on it .. it's in amazing condition..

  10. Ive never yet seen a plow that turns the dirt " under " I see it turning it on its side……more like 45 degree angle. Often you can still see the grass / sod sticking out.

  11. Plowing is what caused so much of the top soil to be eroded away……. down the rivers. So shameful !!!!! But in the day…..there werent the herbicides there are now days. And even today…… so much soil is washed away………because of over tillage !

  12. That’s my brand! IH and Versatile have always got us by. Never had a hydro, but they seem like a nice tractor for some jobs.

  13. First, I have never seen a 1066 that wasn’t turned up lol
    Second, we have a lot of red clay rolls in some of our fields and we pull 4 14’s with a extremely supered up 47 m. 9” is about all it can go without spinning out but it will hall the mail in 3rd on. That dirt must turn hard. Roll Red

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