RARE Ford Merkur, 80 MPH Model T, and turbo Hudson Pacemaker | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 116

Wherever Tom hunts for Barn Finds he’s always looking to visit old friends or guests that have been on the show. Aside from shooting the breeze, they may have a good lead on a local barn find. This time around Tom stops by to see his friend, Dave Coleman who has added a few new barn finds to his collection since he last saw him. Among the many is a Ford Merkur, which would be a first-ever discovery for Barn Find Hunter and certainly a rare car in general.

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  1. The Merkur looks surprisingly clean on the inside. Seems like all it needs is a good scrub-down. Unfortunately the thing about the Merkur dealers rings so true. The Scorpio was only sold for two model years, and by 1990 they couldn't get rid of them fast enough, usually with the same proviso (never come back – for anything).

    Shame really, they were great cars to drive. I used to have two of them.

  2. OK, ok,
    Mr. To Be Continued, I love a good show. I really do, and yours is the best out there, but this edition of the show was way, way too short.
    Ya booger, you go and get us really involved in what y'all are going to be talking about and showing us all some really cool, neat, old cars and then….
    To be continued! Uh! What? Wait, how, why, where did that come from? Boy, you sure did catch me off guard. Yup, well thanks, thanks. Thanks a lot, haha. Okay, so when can we expect part two? Hmm? Or is this going to be a mini series, you sly fox you?
    Great show, by the way. Waiting impatiently.
    I hope you have a good night. Thanks again, my friend. See ya.

  3. My lawyer uncle had a Merkur xr4ti. It was certainly fast. His son crashed it though. He then got the Ford SHO. He convinced my grandma to get a Merkur Scorpio. It was a decent car, but had some things that stopped working eventually.

  4. ford murker??? is that the cheap version of the Ford Sierra XR4i lol the Ford Sierra was much better, faster and rolls of the tongue better, i had a ford sierra station wagon hat the ford 2L ohv/ohc (same motor as the pinto) they made the Ford sierra for about 10 years and stopped about 1993 or so

  5. Ford Merkur. Or as the UK knows it the Sierra. First of the jelly mould shaped hatches. Ford struggled to sell them at first. Vauxhall had the Cavalier which was more traditional in it's boxy shape. But people came around eventually. RS Cosworth or XR4i would be a find

  6. I was a Tech at a Lincoln Mercury dealership from 1985-1992. I worked on my share of Mercurs. They were fun to test drive.

  7. Andy Rouse used a Merkur XR4ti in the British touring car races and did really well, which ultimately led to Ford UK developing the RS500 version of the Sierra Cosworth. A car so fast and dominant it forced a change of rules to ban turbochargers in the BTCC! They were running 500bhp and hitting 180 mph on the long straights, nothing could touch them.

  8. Merkur ( Sierra rest of the world ) is another sample on how Ford marketing sucks, a hugh sucsessfull car around the world, much better desing and power train that any american ford at the time, but failled badly on selling it…again A long path that ended Ford not selling cars anymore

  9. My wife worked at a Mercury dealership back in 86 and they had two Merkur's ( white and blue ) on the lot that sat for almost two years; they couldn't get anyone interested in buying them. Customers thought they were too odd looking! I took them out for test drives and fell in love with the styling, handling and response (both were 5 speeds ) but I was in the beginning of a car lease and couldn't afford to buy one. I can still remember those cars sitting on the lot through two scorching summers and buried in snow during the winter. They just sat until finally the dealership took them to an auction. I still have regrets for not dumping the lease and buying one!

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