Preparing for the STREETS! Testing on BARE ASPHALT


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  1. I have a theory that during those passes at cash days, the carb had a very specific sized leak that resulted in a burst of combustion that acted much like an afterburner on jet aircraft

  2. I'm trying to think of the cheapest way I could make a half a mile long tarp 8 mile wide tarp just so I can put it over a eighth mile drag race strip have enough room to shut it down and be dry it blocks the shade it blocks the Sun why doesn't one of those race tracks invest 40 $50,000 in that and then they wouldn't lose five $600,000 every race season because of the weather because guess what even though it's raining the tracks not getting wet with the tarp/ pole barn type thing over it I mean it's not like we're racing 300 mph Vehicles here and it could be retractable so when you don't need it you know I don't know why somebody doesn't invest in that I think it'd be a hell of an idea it would attract so many races because then weather wouldn't be a effing element it wouldn't be a effing problem no matter what so somebody needs to start something I don't know go fund me for one of the race tracks I'm willing to help do anything physical and even monetarily to get it started let me know what's up Billy you're friends with people all over the place all the tracks I'll even do the install work for free

  3. Listen Billy for real. I could build three racetracks like that and sell out every single night for track rentals whatever it doesn't matter but one in Ohio put one in okioma and put one out near California. If weather is not an issue do you realize every single kind of drag racer is going to want to hold events there the snowmobile drag races on Tire the freaking side by sides regular cars You Name It Whatever drag races they will do it there because of the weather will not be an issue if this retractable roof slash pole barn thingy I think I've already got an idea for what's to be built. I'm going to do some investigation I'm dead serious about this I swear on my life there's no reason why it wouldn't work there's no reason why it wouldn't be great on 110° day but the damn roof up the walls are going to be open but they're going to be far enough away from the track where the wind isn't going to be able to blow the rain into it you know what I mean it's going to be an eighth of a mile from the lanes at least maybe more and so the window be able to blow through but it will block the Sun and it'll cool the track down and people will hook up better dude there's just so many advantages think about it why do you think baseball and football did it hello nobody's done this yet with drag racing I could be a f**** millionaire and I ain't got the money to kick it off yet man if I get the money I'm doing it I'll bet my life it walks all over every other drag racing event around because everybody's going to want to be there cuz weather isn't going to matter you'll never hear weather permitting out the drag race that I put on if I was to own the place you know zero reasons for cancellation how do you lose with that and I use voice to text is really messed up I apologize I'm not going to go back and proof read it it's a book and I'm sorry and I repeated myself probably 10 times and I'm also sorry about that

  4. Billy remember what Justin says. One change at a time. Recently he f*** up and did more than one and he regretted it in one of his episodes I remember seeing. One change at a time otherwise you don't know what changed caused the advance or the retardation whichever time slip in other words the better one or Worse one

  5. So yes you would have to have some kind of huge exhaust fanery for when people do burnouts if the roof is closed because of the rain but that's okay we can have it hanging from the building that is over the lanes down pointing basically right at the car on each lane and when they do that burnout and they're starting to back up blast on them big ass fans for 20 seconds and it gets the smoke out of the way not even 20 seconds 5 Seconds dude I'm telling you f*** I'm sick I'm excited about

  6. Leave the truck at home. I want to see you drive that Falcon billy. I've never seen you race in competition with it I don't think. Only when you very first got the car you made hits in it. But I haven't seen you race race with it, so I'd really like to see that happen I really would. Tommy does wicked good in that car I'm not Downing on him I'm not saying you're better than him kind of I want to see who drives the car better you or him, right now I'm going to say Tommy two guns because he's got many more passes in it than you but that doesn't necessarily mean anything and then again in the other hand it can mean something so I just want to see it leave the truck home get it tuned in you kind of rushed to get it together leave it home take the Falcon slow down go back through the truck check every Nut and Bolt every hose you name it check everything grease everything that needs to be greased change all the Earls put new brake fluid in it everything get that truck perfect take your time with it that truck deserves it Billy

  7. As soon as I said leave the truck at home and go through it again you said we've got a lot of upgrades coming for it so I feel like an a**** again and I'm sorry

  8. The Ole Man just loves his boys to no end & it shows with the frustration as the S10 may have caught fire if it were on a pass. He just watched the Nova head butt the wall & another scare is the last thing that any of us wanna see. Go easy on The Old Man for being agitated as my Dad would be exactly the same & for that I'm blessed in many ways. Aside from being a grown man & clearly on a path destined for big things, there's no shame in leaning on your Ole Man Billy. The guy just wants to see his kid have it all because you've earnt your stripes time & time again…

  9. LOL Poor truck had to sit there all winter and watch you poor your heart and souls into that nova… Jealous little brother truck needs some loving too!!! (you know how Tommy gets Billy LMAO) Great content looking for the truck to get the upgrades and make some awesome rips!

  10. Loving the team work between brothers and father and son's. It's a huge change and I'm here for it! Absolutely love this new camera. Makes me feel we are there with you! Allison and Tommy you do a great job filming. Love, peace and safety to all!

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