Panic at the Disco Blown Nova!!!

In this video we have Disco Dean who led the Dean’s List last season entering the big tire class at the Virginia no prep event. Disco Dean has gone several rounds in every event and has been within striking reach of the top spot in no prep kings for a while now. It is a car that is extremely hard to beat and a racer that has a lot of experience being in the winner’s circle as well. Disco Dean faced off against Justin Swanstorm who has done well with his procharged Lexus. But, would it enough to dispatch Disco Dean from title contention? Big stakes are at this race as everyone is crawling their way to the top to get positioned in a good spot. Check out the video and see how well disco dean did against the competition and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Disco Dean showing his boy how it’s done … know if Justin was as nice as mister pinky he would be a lot better person .. to get beat by your daddy like that though must be rough !!!!😎

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