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  1. I am not sold on small tire for the 405. They will no longer be able to call themselves the fastest street racers in America running small tire. I hope it makes for a good show but I am very skeptical.

  2. Hey sim I agree that's one of the things that really set them off looking forward to seeing how it goes down as always sim keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  3. Oh my Sim you went a whole video without mentioning Chief coming back, wow, and yes they are going to go back to when they all were on small tires. Yes this cars are, hotrod, street car, and race car all in one they want to drive to the spot and race like they did when they were all starting out. The original 405 list was all small tire cars at one time. Just trying something new.

  4. I think it was a very smart move from Pilgrim to change the old street outlaws to a "new" show with smalltire instead. When you have a elitegroup of streetracers that get paid to race and build the baddest cars you soon run out of competition and that what's happened…This time they are not the fastest in the country so this will be fun to watch…I dont know if they are going all over the country but i know they will go against Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas…

  5. It is not a show without Chief, I have stopped watching the show until they bring Chief back. I get my information on youtube channels of different racers.

  6. I caught a bit of a preview of the cars on Reaper's channel. This new season will be different if nothing else, and kind of looking forward to an altered format.

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