Old Man's Garage's Mr. Kenny "Freakin" Powers has his 3rd Gen Camaro Lucore'd Up!

A phrase we are very fond of around here is, “Doing Good things for Good People” and we try to live by that as often as we possibly can, in this case we got an opportunity to do just that. Mr. Kenny “Freakin” Powers of Old Man’s Garage fame has a 1991 3rd Gen Camaro that was in need of some help to get it back on the road and ready for fun… we were more than happy to step up to help.

The initial plan? Get rid of the mini spool that was in the rear end of this car as well as the highway gearing, and move him into something more ready for racing but also street driveable. So, a Posi unit and new gears were certainly on the menu. Also while we had it in our care we needed to get some exhaust under this thing, running open headers is cool and fun for about 30 seconds… after that it very much isn’t. Especially on race gas. Alright cool put some exhaust under this thing. No problem.

Well, then things got a little tiny bit out of control. Running a true duel exhaust under a 3rd Gen F body Camaro is a challenge on a good day, there just really isn’t much room to run pipes or mount mufflers. To make matters even more complicated it came to us with some long tube headers that make placement even MORE tricky. And on top of ALL that, there’s this big beautiful red transmission brace in the way. While it DOES do a great job at adding rigidity to the chassis it also piles up one more challenge. Then there’s the rear end configuration. Running pipes up and over the panhard bar setup is… well let’s just say not fun.

But it was easy anyone would do it right? So we dove into this challenge whole heartedly knowing Kenny would be over the moon if we could get this ride of his a few steps up the cool ladder. We think in the end it turned out pretty dang well and we checked off all the boxes we were tasked with. On top of that, we also checked off a few that weren’t ON the list. With some BMR suspension parts that not only massively strengthened the rear end but also gave us room to run a true duel exhaust using Flowmaster FX mufflers, but also incorporating an X pipe in the system and true duel exhaust out each side of the car. As far as custom exhaust goes, this one certainly through a few challenges at us but ended up turning out pretty well in our book. We hope Kenny enjoys it.

Huge thanks as always to all our subscribers, followers, fans, and customers who have made our business successful and gotten our channel to where it is today. Special thanks to the SRC / Street Racing Channel / SRC Garage / Old Man’s Garage / Junkyard Digs folks for showing such amazing support for us over the past several months. Without all of you we wouldn’t be anywhere near where we are today. We hope you enjoy this one!


  1. Awesome video guys. Very informative and detailed. Hell between watching you guys and the ole man i should be able to build me a race car. Thanks for the video.

  2. Another good upgrade that will really help plant the rear end is LCA relocation brackets. They are cheap and made a big difference on my ws6. But why leave the exhaust turned out like that?

  3. Dude, you put those brackets on wrong. They are supposed to be mounted on the outside. You have to shave a little metal to make em fit. But they definitely go on the outside.

  4. That’s awesome you guys have a bender. Way back when I first turned a wrench for money. My boss taught me to bend ford tempo and ranger tail pipes because it was cheaper than buying them. Now a days you’d be hard pressed to find a bender mandrel even at a muffler shop

  5. My friend needs a little more power in his old Camaro with a 350 engine and 350 Turbo trans with a 3500 stall. I told him the 700R4 would be a great choice with a deeper first gear and it would calm the 4.88 gears down to about a 3.98 rear gear basically in overdrive with the built 700R4. That way the car would have better acceleration with a lower starting line ratio gear and more top-end power without the motor being rpm'd out. And I think the 700R4 is still a lot cheaper and simpler way to go than the 4L60E bigger and stronger transmissions. I would like to do the same but I doubt I could probably get a 700R4 transmission behind my own car to withstand 700 horsepower on motor before nitrous.

  6. It's a shame somebody cut the roof open for one of those pop up sunroof's those were all the rage in tge 80's, i managed a Tidy Car ZeeBart franchise and we in stalled those sunroof's in a lot of brand new cars, sometimes folks would come straight from the dealership to get sunroof and windowing and rust proofing,.. and I always cringed when it was a nice z28 or GT mustang ,

  7. Damn Rich you guys sure know what kinda jam to be listening to…. @9:20 I hear Led Zeppelin screaming out the lyrics to Kashmir…. I'm a big Zeppelin fan…. well any of the old rock n roll from that time period….. big big metallic guy to…. but brother I have been diagnosed with crazy crazy level of A.D.H.D….. and I can absolutely keep up with you and I have learned a lot from watching you guys…. the old man's garage….. I think that you guys remind me of my dad…. which I lost to Cancer in 2016….. but you guys really keep me outta a very dark lonely place in my life….. so thank you guys for everything….. every video from now on will be jus like this one….. thanks brother…. you guys are solid

  8. Great job sir. Anybody that knows those f bodies you are very limited on space for any type of custom exhaust system LOL. Rich made the valid point that I liked when removing the rusted bolts and how pricing jobs can change especially with older vehicles. Time is money and nobody wants to shoot their own feet off lol.

  9. This mechanic recognizes another mech that puts quality and safety ahead of looks.Glad your shops getting its just do,power of the internet and guys like Bill and family that saw it was possible to get a following og gear heads and racers and that such notoriety it bleeds off to others like Lucore.

  10. do any of those people from that other channel have a job?
    it seems all they do is tinker with their cars in that guy's garage.

  11. Good job on the Camaro guys. I own a muffler shop in NC and I hate to do true duals on a F-body. Very time consuming to say the least.

  12. I hung custom exhaust for years [85-97] for a daily job. you did a pretty sweet job an Kenny's Camaro. it's a dying art for sure.
    But as far as pre maid kits go, I've yet to install one that didn't require modifications to fit properly. two thumbs up on your work

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