Old Lady said I could have her Deceased Husbands Truck if I get it out!

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  1. From expierence… i wouldve never started it up until i changed the oil and oil pump. Of course there is a tap all the oil sludge was in the bottom. Thats why the oil on the stick looked good. Also the oil returns could be clogged. Especially they said it made noise. 2nd I definitely checked the gas tank. If it has gas the fuel pump could be an issue. I wouldve been prepared to pull it out. If you were going to keep the engine. You couldve ruined.

  2. Better hope she dont see this n see you called her OLD…no matter the age you never call a woman old…youll learn

  3. The Denali is a nice street truck but lacks low range and is full time AWD. Not ideal for yanking an old Burb out of the woods. That Burb looks like a 82-88 given the double stack front headlights and grill. Had an ‘K5 Blazer with the same front end. Good truck. Sounds like something was caught up in the fan/belts.

  4. Stop complaining ,about getting something for nothing, Even if it needs a motor, There so cheap, %00 bucks later I day change you have a good Trunk, You Dont no anything about cars

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