NPK Season 5 Race 6 Recap. Murder Nova Goes to the Finals in Beech Bend!

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Race recap from race 6 of NPK at Beech Bend Raceway! We’re gettin somewhere now!

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  1. Awesome job guys!! Always look forward to your videos and the progress on the car. You guys have kept a level head and make no excuses on your runs. Love watching you guys.

  2. Good to see Shawn finally found that daughter He's always wanted. And even teaching her how to clean up and put tools away at midnight. Now that's a great father.

  3. What is the deal with Moron Nation. I watch a ton of content of all kinds, and really want to see what others thoughts were. So is it Shawn, Phantom, racing fans in general, the YT community in general, potato joe, or maybe just me, but is it normal for so called fans to btch n moan about some damn thing on every video? You got Phantom out here having to address this crybaby shit, sounding completely sincere, apologizing for this or that, promising to put out more content, more often and still with the btchen. Fk these whiney pretending to know it all douche canoe mfs. Whthefkever, loving the content from 187. Not that my opinion matters, but this is really awesome content, so I either would not address or pretend to give 2 pricks about the whiners criticisms, or completely blast the sodomites on all platforms at every opportunity. Either the lesson can be learned, or let the public smearing begin. If you know them personally maybe even kick their asses. I see nothing negative on this channel except for the btchen. Sorry to rant, but damn the BS is to prevalent. Keep persevering 187.

  4. Kevin Wilson mite help u out. I just started watching him seems like he knows what heโ€™s doing. Check him out if u havenโ€™t already. Good luck guy wish the best for you.

  5. Manny's crew may talk shit, but they back it up. I do not think that NPK wants Manny there because let's face it he's going to fuck that deal up.

  6. So happy to see your car making nice passes. If there was a vote who is the most real person in NPK, it would be you Shaun. Be fast and show them your "tail lights."

  7. In the video there was water that splashed up on the camera, is there a leak in front of the tires, maybe when the car sits down off the bars it splashes off of what it is sitting on.

  8. As a mopar guy and obviously love the hemi, but you dont need it. At least right now. But they have proved their metal in others cars. Based on what you have showed us, its all in the tuning. That car is extremely fast which you showed last season of npk. Now, bringing out the OG and whipping some of these guys with it would be epic. Yall got this

  9. Sounds like chassis problems..
    You are making crazy torque.
    Obviously itโ€™s a big deal to beat you Shawn, ego is a lower consciousness, do not let it drag you down to there level, you are a class act, and above that drama.
    Stay positive..

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