NOBODY Can BELIEVE What Happens when TOP FUEL Harleys PROVOKE Turbo & Nitrous Japanese Motorcycles!

It’s Harley Davidson vs. Suzuki at Sacramento Raceway Park’s Motorcycle Mania as the fastest Top Fuel Nitro Harleys on the West Coast call out and drag race the fastest Turbo Hayabusa in the west of legend Nigel Patrick and the insane Nitrous Suzuki GS Pro Mod Drag Bike of multi time champion Mark Rissling. Expect the unexpected in this heated drag racing event as we will see some controversy, motorcycle drag racing gone wrong, a drag bike starting line fail, explore the strengths and weaknesses of a NHRA Top Fuel Harley, a turbo charged Suzuki Hayabusa drag bike, a nitrous oxide huffing Pro Mod and more. Which motorcycle will prove to be more dominant – Harley or Suzuki?

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  1. I wish I knew about the Sacramento race because I’d have been there to watch β€˜live’.
    Great coverage as usual, Jack!!
    From one Pisano to another, stay safe and keep the shiny side up.

  2. personally I'm a Harley type of dude because my I got two members of my family that have Harleys my dad and my uncle and pretty soon I'll probably be owning a tri glide I can't own a Street glide cuz with the way my balance is but @cycledrag I'm thinking about taking a broke down tri glide and tune it turning it into a drag racer what do you think

  3. It’s roo-gee-AIR-oh. NOT rooj-EAR-eh-oh. The I comes after the G not after the last R. Basic Italian.

    I remember when sub 8s were a new thing in NHRA Too Fuel. Doing that on two wheels incredible!

    /s/ Matt’s dad

  4. They started running 6.95 -6.98 back in the early 90's on the east coast ahdra. The west coast bikes always have been slower than those on the east coast. Even back when we were racing the AHDRA. We would go out west for the race in California once a year. Just to take some of that west coast money home. I think it was usually the week after Sturgis.

  5. Another PISS POOR prep @ Sacto I see…..They should have more respect for 6 second bikes and fast cars @ that track…..With all the housing tracts around, guess they don't count on being around many more years.

  6. i dont care about the brand, a fast Bike is a fast bike, everybody should be happy with what he prefers, 2 or 3 or 4 cylinders –it dosn`t matter-WHERE ARE THE 6 CYLINDERS ?

  7. Nigel did my Harley blower heads, back in the day…still have the bike! Good to see him still out there grabbing a handful.

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