No Prep Kings // Street Outlaws // Virginia Motorsports Park // I SCREWED it up BIG Time

It’s race day! Virginia Motorsports Park is hosting No Prep Kings from Street Outlaws. Man, this was the most people I have ever seen at a track I do believe. We were racing small tires, and we ended up with 24 cars. Let’s see how the ole hot rod can do. We made some changes to keep getting faster, but like always at any time it can go sideways! Great racing, with a great group of guys.


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  1. Good idea to separate some wires and not zippy tie them together. I recently learned some wires can actually catch interference through the insulation on the wires and that could create problems. That's the case with audio aux cables and power wires anyway. Thanks for sharing as always.

  2. Commenting early,,,,I watch his channel too lol…cool dude,,,think he fell in love with America,,,,when he rode with the dudes in the stick shift Pontiac lol….🤓🇺🇲

  3. It must be rough for David and that beautiful high dollar car to get beat by turbo John and his budget built car . Make sure you point out the welding on the turbo kit after you beat cars like that .

  4. John you need to come to the War In The Woods race in not this weekend but the next everyone is going to be there Chief Jackie Boosted KC Maxx every badass small tire racer in the country will be there big $$$ to be made!!!

  5. Hey John how was that sandwich you made you must have took a nap after I've never seen anyone get out on you like that now not to take anything away from blackjack he made a damn fast pass but hell he had a good head start! Oh well you win some and you lose some and you win way more then you lose it is what it is!

  6. Nice job John! Those boost control solenoids could be a real pain in the ass! If you watch the pro guys, they are always checking their solenoids & lines every pass! They really need to be checked & blown out, or replace them every season! Even though there working on C02, they can & do get really shitty inside! Anyways that sucks, I really thought it was going to be you & Lyle in the final! It defiantly looked like you were making high 4 second passes! There's just so much to do on a new car, trying to make the new car work with old junk! I'm sure you will get it! I just wish you got to the finals not only for some money, but for all the guys that helped get it going!

  7. John I watched you last August at vmp I came out for the Friday night thing just to see the car make a few passes but I didn't get a chance to come meet you because there was a lot of racing to watch but great job we have 5 kids and I have a lawn care tree and pressure washing business so we where just to busy this year

  8. Always those simple things that gets me too TJ, hellova first round pass though man and always remember….no skill exists without failures…

  9. Thanks TJ for this longer than usual video AND Thank YOU for including the singing of our wonderful National Anthem. If only people would 'hear' the words and understand WHY that song is so important to we Patriots this country would be in a much better place than she is today. GOD BLESS AMERICA! Wow! That first race v/s David's Patriot hotrod was SOOOO close! Your hotrod had JUST ENUFF top end to get there first. Congrats son,, that car is one tough contender and you got around him. We love to see all the content partner.

  10. Looked like that Blackjack car won the whole deal? Sorry, love the channel and all but absolutely love to see nitrous cars beat up on turbo car's! And the EFI deal does seem super cool but at the same time seems like there's a whole lot that can also go wrong with them! Always been a carb guy myself,and have had friends tell me "you gotta or need to go EFI" then the next week their car is down and they don't have a clue what's going on with it, something in the wiring,or something in the computer or ??? And if ya watch Richard Holdner or Engine Masters, carbs generally make a little more power up top. I don't know, I'm old now so will probably always be a carb guy. Billy's blow through seems to do him well, the CSU carbs seem to be the ticket for those blow through deal's! ✌🏻🇺🇸💪🏻🇺🇸

  11. Buckle you’re seat belt sir you’re gonna be the next big YouTuber and don’t forget you’re wife she’s the reason I found you!

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