No Prep King Ryan Martin Continues the Win Streak!!

In this video we have a continuation from yesterday’s video and have Ryan Martin racing in the big tire class at Reaper’s All Star No Prep at brainerd motorsports park in Ringgold, Georgia. The final round of the event was Disco dean in his blown nova known as the stinky pinky. The video shows how disco dean got to the final round of racing. He raced the very fast scott taylor in his procharged firebird known as track doe. Every race Disco Dean was a close race and door to door action. For more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Hey guys great content, you all are the "NO PREP KING'S & QUEEN'S" DEFINITELY put in the hours it takes to make a great channel. TY… JAKE D FROM KENTUCKEE

  2. Great job reaper for putting on a good event. Good to see Ryan winning. I know the new season just got done filming can’t wait to see list racing yet again. We just have to wait till the fastest in America season is over I guess

  3. I like them all, except Dean. I think he's trashy, and flashy, and classless. I mean c'mon, we all know what "stinky pinky" refers to. Have some class !!!!

  4. Ryan’s camaro hard to beat nice guy they both put on a heck of a fast pass old Stinky is putting it down.Great race guys they congratulate each other and share information super cool.

  5. Customs with a Z…what are you in grade school? Maybe when you learn how to spell you might win a race… can't make this up peeps…oh and eight mile is for boys, peace.

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