It’s been a short 3 weeks since I broke the news to Kenny that Lucore and Nitrous Express were on board to help get his Camaro race ready. Today, that dream is coming true for Kenny as we head to WAR IN THE WOODS with his Camaro!


  1. Kenny represents all of us gear heads with next to 0 cash and big dreams of racing/going fast. Hell yes Kenny- this is your chance to shine. Have fun and haul ass at the track.

  2. Seeing Kenny @ 8:25 priceless moment. Shine some light on this man for all his hard work, wisdom, and dedication. Huge asset to your garage/racing program old man.

  3. Wish you all the best of luck bill you making a difference in good peoples life’s you should be proud of your self .

  4. I'm so happy for Kenny! I wish someone would do that for me! I've only been waiting 4yrs to get a decision on my disability case, still waiting! I'm not totally useless, but the more I do with my arms, the more I hurt, after crushing both in a industrial hydraulic brake press! But, I'm blessed to be able to somewhat bust my ass 20hrs a week, no more than $.1100/mo., but being limited by someone who isn't doing shit to help me is wrong, imo! Too many abuse the system, I guess, but when a man under 40 with 3 kids needs help, you'd think they'd put stuff like that on higher priority, but they'd rather cater to scum! One day, hopefully I'll catch a damn break!! Thanks guys!

  5. Glad to see Kenny getting his car going and ready for this weekend war of the woods very body working hard to help make his dreams come true thanks to you old man garage 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. Ole Kenny powers 3rd gen looks like it's hooking up in have had several 3rd gen Camaros and that's 1 thing about them is you can't hardly make them spin just ask kye Kelly he knows

  7. Damn it! I'm pissed War in the woods os rescheduled 😭😭😭 was going to watch you guys run and see Kenny get it in. I live close so will be able to make it when its rescheduled but still wanted to watch it go down tomorrow 🙄 They everything happens for a reason, guess I'll probably never know but im going with it 🤣🤣 Sucks you guys worked so hard getting everything ready for the weekend but I guess that's racing

  8. I haven’t been following this anymore but I’m glad you all are doing well. Best of luck on future events guys

  9. Go Kenny! It’s awesome to see everyone coming together having a great time working on cars and racing. That’s what it is all about!

  10. As a fellow 3rd gen owner it is great to finally see Kenny's Camaro on the road and movings forwards. See his face makes all the hard work worthwhile. He deserves this and hope this is the start of some great racing. Good luck Kenny.

  11. Let Kenny. Get it big guy. I'm super happy for you to be able to make some passes… thank you bill for helping this man out likenhe has you. Yall are great ppl. I'm happy to see the hole family is goin racing. Just warms my heart.. hope yallnhave fun be safe God bless. go fast

  12. Now this is a channel I can get behind old man I love ur channel I get excited every time I get a notification and it says old man garage keep up the great work with all the cars

  13. I found myself smiling for so long it started to hurt. I really enjoy seeing Kenny and Harley happy 🙂

  14. Well !! Bill I found someone rewarding of one of your carburetors he's the young man on turbo John's video that you talked to a few years ago I believe in Louisiana and he said he was going to build an S10 and he did he and his father that's who should get a carburetor

  15. the old man why so against putting ur wife 1st. take her spring shopping. buy her some new cloths. do something she likes. do u know how to do things for her and not complain? ain’t betting on it

  16. Hello, I'm new to the page… I just subscribed.. 👍
    I have a question which is off topic of this video but I didn't know how else to reach out… Do you still have the merch with "Never Lift", with Billy's S-10? I know a fan of yours for 3+ years now that have been looking for that logo on a t-shirt. I would like to order one for them.

  17. its good thing that Big Rob, did check if had flat top pistons vs dome pistons you folks know it dome piston oh kenny have a very loving girl freind also Harley is very hard worker let go kenny put all other race on the tailer plus be carful out there

  18. Bring kenny to the npk race in national trails he can do daily driver and I would love to meet him he is my kind of guy and I want a picture with him bill you have a good woman there got to meet her at the Kentucky race she is so very nice to everyone and talks to everyone (and I got a hug 😂) been a fan since the beginning so wish you was there got to to talk Billy great guy of course Uncle Rob and Allison was nice and Tommy just a little quiet 😂😂😂😂 i

  19. God bless all of y'all. Kenny looks so enthused and you can tell from how happy you are Bill that it meant tons to you and Vicky to be able to do this. That speaks volumes to what kind of ppl you are. Nothing but love and respect coming from me from everything I've seen on this channel. Also very much appreciate the effort it takes to make these videos and the time also.

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