Nasty flip, a wild race and tempers….You be the judge

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  1. 51 car stayed married to his line 22 car was all over the place 51 didn’t know where he was gonna next
    There are no rules in racing that say u have to surrender your line and give someone else room to pass

  2. I don’t blame Ashton for his actions one damn bit. Ashton was racing the guy clean and the fellow couldn’t handle being outdrove by the young gun. And Mr. Man bun did get his shit rocked.

  3. This is racing they both were quick and ole boy that drove up didn't look intentional to me!! Loomed like ole boy drove his car to high bahahaha he was the first looser!! Lmfao

  4. Should of just lifted and came under him when he slid up because he knew Winger was going to be there to keep himself from sliding to far up McCarter played it right racing 101 without walls but more dangerous with supers sorry for his luck though 🏁✌️

  5. 51 ran the same exact line every single lap. 22 put himself in that position. 51 ran from the bottom of the corner to the top of the straight before entry to the next corner every single lap. That's why the 22 runs off the track 3 times with his nose to the 51's door. He knew exactly where the 51 would be every single lap. If you watch, the 22 never pulls past the 51 cars numbers when he runs outside of the 51 even on that last lap the 22 didn't get past the 51's door numbers. 51 more than likely thinks he has him beat like he had him beat every single time before that. Bottom line is the 51 changed nothing yet the 22 put himself in the position to be run off the track not once but 4 times! 3 times he didn't lose it and the 4th he did. If a guy runs the exact same line nearly every single lap and you put yourself where he has been running in the way the 22 did you're probably going to get doored. I've watched it ten times now. 51 had the line, the same line hed been running the entire race, 22 put himself in that position. And to those that say he should have heard him you can't always hear the other guy. If he had a raceceiver in he really probably didnt hear him. But he also probably thought I've run the same entire line this whole race and its been working so I'm going to keep running this line. 22 was racing hard. He gambled on it and he lost that gamble. He should be more pissed off that he's racing at a track that has no walls to keep that from happening. It's like racing at Ark-La-Tex it has some of the same issues no walls so you can be run off the track. Houston Raceway Park had a totally different but just as dangerous issue in the corners after they shortened their track. They let grass grow up on the ledges created when they filled in the corners and cars would jump the cushion and hit the grass and they would pick up speed before they hit the wall. I've never raced with the 51 before. Maybe hes a jerk that always drives dirty I don't know all I do know is he didnt do anything wrong. He held his line every time. He was extremely predictable in where he was going to be and when.

  6. That was 51 all day. He was squeezing him higher every lap and knowing there isn't a wall. Never understood why dirt isn't allowed to have spotters…but he knew he was there.

  7. I didnt think it was carters fault but i can clearly see now it was.. I posted yesterday said i didnt think it was intentional but now i can clearly see it.. This is the first video i seen the whole deal one thing is a fact that was a hella battle dude who flipped can drive man nice skill

  8. Winger is THE last driver to be complsing about driving some one dirty…and watch this race previous to this incident and see how many times he drove across the nose of the 51. Phuk Wanker…he got what he dishes out!

  9. Winger was flirting with the high side.
    He should have backed out of it and taken a straight line down the turn and on to the straight.

  10. So I drive a Late Model. 2 problems here. First off. When you are a weekend local. It cost a lot of damn $$$ to fix this stuff. Example. A complete XR1 body. Is $4000. A nose and fenders are $1500 more, if you rivit yourself. etc. Slide jobs is a part of racing. BUTTTTT . 1. No need to do it lap after lap when you have 10 15 or 20 laps left. Last 5 or so for the win. No Problem. ( it is a show for the fans) 2. as a driver. Dont get pissed and slam or run a guy off the track. Why???? You flip and its expensive….. Both are stupid….. Its OK to lift and save $5000…..

  11. I drive these…. at .49 .50 and .51 sec #51 never lifts. He knows hes sliding in front…. 22 can be as ass and NOT lift at .51 and .52…. NOPE. So he DESTROYS a race car. Rule 101, even in every day cars. "Car in front has right-of-way"

  12. People saying McCarter is in the wrong has never been on a race track. McCarter is the leader so it's up to Winger to let out if he doesn't want pushed around.

  13. I don't think 51 did it intentionally probably didn't think he was there or could close the door on 22, looked to me 51 pulled up to apologize for not seeing him, 22 got some skills he put himself in a bad spot he could have waited for a different spot to pass, he was the faster car just has to work on his chess skills. Looks like crew guy leads with his chin lol changed his tune really quick mann that was a good shot from 51 crew 21 boys deserved it.

  14. I have watched this video several and times and will say rubbing is racing, but their is a fine line.
    But I would like to know what track was this and was it a series?

  15. Well that’s one way to take your competition out of the race. That was a dirty slide job by the 51. He didn’t drive that hard into that turn an slide up that far up that soon the whole time they were racing. The 51 knew that was his last chance to touch the 22. Once the 22 would of gotten out in front he would of never touched him again. 22 had the stronger faster car. 22 maybe could of shown some more patients after already being pushed off a couple time before. 22 knew he had the stronger car and just wanted to get out in front and dominate those last 15 laps.

  16. its very clear that nobody knows what a red flag means !! Think the shoud have left McCarter outta the car, safety gear off and let them at it , think he would have got his dirty ass whupped

  17. Well my take on this wreck I like both racers I been going to Races for a long time to me look to me like just a hard racing deal 51 slid up into him a little just hard racing 🏎️

  18. That winger dude needs to be banned from racing forever. You can't force yourself into a lane that doesn't exist and expect the other guy to just make room for you. He put himself there, he has to own the outcome. There's no room for crying babies in racing. He acted like someone all jacked up on drugs. My opinion.

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  20. 22 is a f***ing mad man and I LOVE it.
    The battle with the 51 was spectacular.
    The 51 tried a slide job that didn't work (from the onset of the move – he was 'behind' the whole way) and door slammed the 22.
    Good hard racing that ended like it does so many times in any series.
    I'd be pissed too – but I wouldn't have acted like a petulant little 5 year old.

  21. This reminds me of when Kevin Ward ran out on the track, and Tony Stewart ran him over. Your not supposed to do that. Looked like a bunch of thugs in the ghetto.

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