Nanner 2.0 In Depth Walk Around and Weight!

Popular demand from viewers has asked for an in depth video of the yellow car including motor view, interior view, and the actual weight of the car. So here it is! Enjoy everyone.


  1. Was just thinking hadn t seen any uploads lately but u been busy whipping up that car to the winner circle again super cool video great to see the car all best from ireland

  2. This car is legendary! Never sell it…one day it'll be in a museum or collection. And yes, this is what a "street car" is…not that crap on "Street Crybabies" show (which I stopped watching years ago because of the drama and bs…and I couldn't stand to hear Convict Chuck running his mouth)

  3. Well maybe not stock suspension for that car 😂. Pretty sure U aren’t running IRS. I know what u mean tho. One badass car for sure man. Always love seeing it kick ass and being ford powered.

  4. That’s crazy! I have never actually seen a in-depth of the original Boosted GT.. I thought this thing was a “promod” 😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  5. Chris I guessed 3350. Do I win a prize?? Lol Hey man when we outran you in Tony’s black Camaro the very first redemption Shannon held boy we were both slow back then. I’d hate to see you line up with my Unc Tonys black car these days with you runnin as fast as you were at The Gut your last appearance. It wouldn’t be be pretty but hey Tony’s runnin a small block now if that surprises you any. Anyways always love and respect for your racing program bro from the Thorn Family.💪💪🔥🔥

  6. Oh one more thing Chris you’ve seen the Yellow 94 Mustang that belongs to my brother probably the last time you were at yellobelly. Well the motor that use to be in that car which really is a legit bad ass small block is the motor that’s in Tony’s black car now. My brother traded his car to Tony for a really nice 84 Chevy Shortwide with 21,000 miles on it. I told Tony he should name that yellow Mustang Ole Yeller but he wants to name it Terminator Jr.😂😂😂

  7. Beautiful car! This is how it should be done! I wish you went into more detail about engine specs and modifications. Unless you wouldn’t mind posting down here?

  8. I’m actually surprised at 3300, I was guessing 3500 including you. I noticed you cut out the inner fender lining but didn’t go tubular? And I image the turbo has to be a solid 20-30lbs on it’s own. Are you running an aluminum block? I’d like to drop a 302 in my own new edge, I’m finishing my tubular front end, might get k member, and doing full carbon up to the rear quarter panels. I’m hoping I can get 2700 with me in it!

  9. The key I see is the 51%/49% front rear weight distribution. The thing I was really hoping to see was the rear suspension because THAT is where the magic happens.
    My BIG question is; why not do some simple things to shave weight off the car?
    Fiberglass fenders
    Manual windows
    Details here and there and I would not be surprised to see the car 200 or more pounds lighter.
    Everyone knows the "Nanner" is a race car….why not really put it on a diet with Lexan, fiberglass/carbon fiber body pannels/doors and dash. All that while keeping the look of a "stock bodied" car.

  10. What's up Boosted. Been a minute seen I seen anything from. Man it's good to here from you. And yes I have been wanting to know about you Stang. Do you know if they are planning on making a new season of Street Outlaws Texas? I hope so and that you are in it. Are you still hosting NPK?

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