My Message to New Car Enthusiasts

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  1. I waited a year and a half for my Bronco from Icon 4X4 and they didn't even include truck nuts. When Ring Brothers delivered my Chevelle it didn't have a chrome diff cover. Then my Singer Porsche arrived without Playboy door lock pulls. I thought these folks were supposed to be top designers? I guess they don't have as much taste as they claim.

  2. i went way overboard with the paint i did the whole exterior in a two tone following body lines for seperation then took everything that unbolted from the interior out to paint the secondary color. i knew i was drstroying the resale but i drive shit until either its dead or im dead the previously mentioned vehicle i stuffed inside a cavalier which shoved the engine through the rad. license was suspended criminally for a year and medically for the second time it expired in the year and i just didnt bother getting it back.

    i now drive a golfcart, to where i only mod when i break something like bent the right A arm part isnt avalible so i did a 6 inch lift kit, engine didnt want to run on anything but starting fluid so i did a 420 swap, only to find out when i finished and was pulling the stock wiring that all it was was a blown 10A fuse. now my problem is the trans i ripped forwards out of it, drove home about a mile in reverse so im waiting on tools to fix that. which leads to one of your points to do maintenance, because the trans issue could have been avoided by changing the fluid. manufacturer says every year ive driven it for 14 never did it.🤦‍♂🤦‍♂so keeping with the theme of why replace when i can upgrade while reducing the amount of moving parts and with the amount of parts i hear bouncing around i think i broke more than just the one gear i ordered if so, im thinking sprocket on the input shaft and a live axle through the rear end might need to do some clearance for the chain and just sacrifice reverse i only use reverse to back out of parking spots and to pack it up in the driveway but i can push it backwards there.

  3. Cooper keep it up brother! You going solo was awesome I love how you are still hands on. Miss seeing you with cleetus but awesome to see you grow

  4. Ahahaha right. I remember when I was younger and had a bunch of beat up vws. All my money went into the drivetrain. And car was mint but all different colors untill I bought a 30$ spray gun and 50$ of single stage. Painted the car bright pink. It was sick tho

  5. I'm so glad that I didn't have the money that I wanted to use to buy parts for my first cars! I just kept them clean and maintained and I think it worked out for the better.

  6. Advice id tell my younger self is research tool requirements for the job you want to do, even before ordering the parts. Specialty tools you can borrow once, second time you need to buy your own.

  7. While he has good points, here’s my advice. It’s your car, do whatever you want too do. Live with the mistakes and learn from them.

  8. Great tips but sometimes there really is only one way to get your experience in and that's to do your research and get your hands dirty. Not everyone has that friend or family to show em the ropes. And i guess your own financial position has a lot to do with what's reasonable or not. For some, "wasting" money on a failed project and starting over again is a fun learning experience.

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