Morgan Clarke builds Third Window Scoops for the Gravel Kings explorer | The Fab Diaries

Fab diaries this week! We dive into a (2) part series covering the construction of functional 3rd window aluminum scoops/ducting!! From drawing to reality.

Enjoy | Trust the Process

Morgan Clarke Design l MCD1 l Form Follows Function

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  1. I like your attention to detail and skill. I glad you opened the studio. I hope you do great for the rest of your carrier. The YT channel is worth the time you spend of only for getting the interest of the young community and gives me ideas and maybe other methods of the way I do things or reaffirms I’m doing things a good way. Thanks man

  2. Rear high mounted scoops have always fascinated me since i saw them on the Lancia Delta S4. Brilliant work as always

  3. Love these insights into the design and the way you complete it.
    I was wondering what you are going to do with the sharp edges on the inlet and exit as could be lefhal if some numpty got to close when the vehicle is moving, I would have left material so I could use some 1/16th alloy rod to roll it round or weld the rod direct to the edges to give a rolled finish to it.

  4. Drivers' who use catheters desert racing; do any trucks have a valved dump mechanism to empty the bladder? Would be a tasty suprise for the trailing truck that excessively bumps ya (*humor) 🤡🏊🏻☔️😄🤫

  5. Just wondering how many hours this took to make and how much someone would charge for this? To me this took days maybe weeks and for a pretty penny. Keep up the awesome work man!!!

  6. Basically one of the only people I look forward too seeing new videos from. My son looooves too see your work, as he's still learning welding in high school. Him and another kiddo got the the award for doing so well in the, farm mechanics/welding, class. Year and a half left of highschool and he's gonna be off to tec college for welding.

  7. Luv all the great craftsmanship&attention to detail but I had to FF threw some of the extra talking. No disrespect brahda but I’d bet your video’s would get more views/likes/shares w/less explanation of every single thing your doing.

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