More PROBLEMS, this is not good at all! But, It's Race Day!

It’s race day! Today, we are gonna try to make some progress on Randy’s car. There is a race happening, but we are gonna be more focused on getting data to get this thing dialed in. The first outting was not as expected, lets see if we run into any additional issues today. Hopefully we can go some rounds and get some good data.


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  1. Well just look at it like this. Things are going alot better for yall than they are for John Doc and Matt lol I'm glad Matt was ok cause he hit the wall hard and totaled Chris's car but they can always rebuild the car they can't rebuild Matt

  2. I've never been to this level of a car but it sounded like a small lean pop. Maybe it was some oil in the compressor got into the engine and screwed the fuel burn up. Or a table needs a tweak.

    I definitely have had the same look on my face before. Yall will get it sorted out I have faith in you.

  3. I have no experience with a dry sump but I do know about pressurized water systems. (It's the same but different, I know). Something isn't right with the plumbing. It shouldn't be draining into the oil pan. Sorry, I know that isn't helpful. Also, is it possible that the oiling issue has damaged the oil seal in the turbo allowing oil into the compressor?

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