Moonshine Chassis Update….. Almost Done!!

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  1. Great content !!! I’m sure I speak for a lot of when I say we all love to watch the dab and engine building process !! Thanks for all the work that goes into making something we can enjoy

  2. Well you’re eyes look better finally. Gotta post more to keep us up to date on MoonShine. You spend so much time on Cleetus’s channel and other projects that it seems MoonShine is being forgotten.

  3. Like watching the content,but would like a bit more in-depth of the process instead of this is what we’re doing,then here it is and nothing in between.Keep up the good work

  4. Hey Doc! Please give a call to Kevin at KSR or watch his latest video on wiring soccer mom! His attention to detail is second to none!!! Good luck on the car, it’s looking killer!!

  5. Oil pump alignment is imperative on the gen 5’s, there is special tools to save the position of the pump that should be installed prior to loosening pump. The issue is that O ring that is in the oil pan presses against the bottom of the pump to make the seal for the pickup. If the o-ring doesn’t get proper pressure against the pump you’ll be sucking in air. GM says to replace the oil pump anytime it is removed without the holding tool being used, but at the very least install a new seal on the pan, and confirm that the oil pump is mounted low enough to have ample pressure against the seal once the pan is torqued.

  6. It drives me crazy that you see stupid youtubers with more subscribers and views then people like Nate putting out good content. Keep up the awsome videos sir!!!

  7. Got to get Cleetus to test before the races that way there is time to fix everything at home. The guy don't like to test it seems but it's too bad because Ole Ruby kicks some ass when she is running right

  8. If Cletus needs help at a race event you better break that promise and head to the event! You are irreplaceable and know everything from what I’ve seen and heard.

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