Monza gives an update on the Split Bumper and a closer look at the Grand Prix

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  1. People are just jealous of the facts
    Screw the haters
    Do what you do and you'll be happy with it
    Never seen the stripes before looking 👌💯Great 👍
    Have a Great Day

  2. It's easy to put all them "little studs" back in, they ant gotta be exactly in the same place. Simple if you really want the vinyl top that is.

  3. Speaking of the haters I still find it funny af when ppl that don't have a clue try to tell you how to drive or tune. You and Brandon are doing what you can with what you have and the sinister is a bamf. Don't listen to the haters. Thanks for sharing with us what you're up to. I really enjoy these videos.

  4. I love the idea of some small tire no-trailer drag cars that you can cruise in. Looks like Chief is doing a similar kinda thing with his Corvette. Loving all of this. The paint colour is really growing on me. I bet it looks amazing out in the light. Interior looks awesome. I bet that car is gonna be a helluva a lot of fun. Just popped onto your channel today and enjoying it so far 🙂 Good luck and can't wait to see what the new car for NPK looks like!

    I'm curious what the split bumper is going to be used for. What kind of racing you thinking of doing with it, or not really sure yet?

  5. hey monza this is bryon nelson from texas ive been a big fan since the beging of street outlaws the g body was a good choice but i do have a question where is the ram air i hope you didnt sell it cant wait to watch you wheel the shit out of both of the new cars

  6. The split bumper is the most insane car on street outlaws. Monza and his car on the show is the reason I watch the show I like murder Nova as well but it's not the level of the split bumper keep up the good work

  7. Omg you ditching the Camaro I love that car but it’s very understandable why you are doing it but you are my favorite driver from day one

  8. You guys stick with it it may only be the two of you and my hats off to you two you will be back in top just where you belong !

  9. Kind of hard to find something to hate about you guys you are good down to earth people and are good at what you do. Personally I love you guys but there's plenty of jealous people in this world

  10. Id love to see a video of rear window trim. I pulled my top too and need to figure trim out. I guess 1/4 windows arent a big deal and pull in far enough.

  11. They all hate from a keyboard, while driving their old Subaru with a fart can. Lol!!!!! You ever, and i mean ever, sell that grand prix msg me on Instagram and I'll bring cash and my hauler!!!!!!! First "street" car I built in the 90's was a 1985 grand prix. My second was a Chevy monza I didn't build strong enough and it tore itself apart. Whoops.

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