Monza gives an update on small tire racing with the Grand Prix

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  1. Yeah, that's what I thought also. The cars are FAR from being STREET cars. Well, whatever, good go have some fun with your son. Yall be safe and good luck!

  2. your street record is just like your no prep record πŸ˜‚β€¦sounds like your complaining saying you and Joe are the only one with street cars

  3. Love the car guys, I’ve seen a few Race cars from pictures and YouTube videos I’ve seen. I’m pretty sure I know what cars your talking about. And I’m sure Ryan has the best record. One day someone will knock Ryan off..

  4. Not sure if the rules seems u should have the option for 1 powered adder. 1 super charger or 1 nitrous or 1 turbo. 400 cubic inch on small tire

  5. Are they forcing you to race or you being well paid? Seems that most 405 racers are doing ok if your not you could always go back to your old job

  6. Never been big on G body's but that Pontiac looks mean. Monza's cars are always clean. So glad y'all went back to actual street cars. Can't wait to see the show

  7. Met a Pontiac Grand Prix looking beautiful everyday who cares if it has a little bit of rubber on a quarter panels if anything adds character that is my opinion but anyways I just can't wait to get updates on the Chevelle and a progress please don't give up on NBK just because the Camaro

  8. I have been a huge fan of you and Youngblood since the beginning but… I don't believe for one second you can't afford to pay a shop to put gears in that car. Now whether you trust them or not is a question but I bet your buddy's glad to help out. Can't wait to see the car compete. Keep dragging ass boys!

  9. This is what everyone is saying we're livin the dream…. Here we are… keep thrashin monza, I wanna see dis bitch make some nasty passes.

  10. Can't believe that clown reaper is around again, he's such a cry baby. I like monza and all the 405 guys but I can't get behind the discovery channel now with these changes, media controlled shows now and that's not what I like watching. I'd rather watch clips on YouTube ect. I like Shawn but he's no race master and definitely no Big Chief, I started watching with Chief in the beginning and loved what yall was doing and monza is in my top 3 but can't support discovery now.

  11. I agree with you Monza 100% about some of these cars not being what is considered a streetcar and that is what allot of fans have wanted to see cars like yours and Joe's not these over modified rides with tubed frontends and rear ends for drag cars and that's just a few things we have already not liked about this deal. Good luck and stay safe both you and Youngblood. God Bless.πŸ‘

  12. So….. building a 200k full blown race car in Fla and you can’t pay someone to put gears in? Hmmmm it’s all good , not my job to count your money. Big fan since the start. The OG split bumper is my favorite car that’s ever been on the show.

  13. Great seeing the OG's doing what got them started. These cars are more like what the common street car person can relate too. Race fast and humble – live to race another day.

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