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  1. Monza has some BIG balls. He is very courtious to other racers like MIke Murillo and Birdman just on America's list this season. Monza and Branden keep putting in the work.

  2. Met Monza in Memphis at NPK, he was not doing anything but sitting in his golf cart smoking a cig. Lady next to me ask if he would autograph her shirt she just bought from him and he acted lick an a$$hole! Then Monza looked at me and my friend and with a real attitude said β€œI guess you want my autograph too?” We said no thanks and then he really got mad walking off cussing. Maybe he is a nice guy, but he sure did not make a good impression for HIS fans.

  3. There's one thing Monza will do is be willing to throw down at the drop of a hat! If he feels strongly about an issue do not get up in his face, bad move!!!

  4. When will the racers take back their sport? When did Americans become so soft that a TV production company can come in and take over your whole gig

  5. Npk has really split the 405 gang. Ryan, Jeff, dady dave and ( maybe murder nova) (possibly chuck also) has what it takes to be at that level. Monza, Doc, Reaper, Dominator and damon don't…So i understand the frustration to go to race after race and never win a single one…If you never win or do something really stupid you are not interesting for Pilgrim and that's why they only picked out ryan jeff sean chief ( i don't think dave or chuck is in strangely enough…)from og okc to be in the new small tire show together with jj and kye kelly. I am not 100% sure if that's all please comment if you know more about that show…If that new show pick up a big audience i think we have seen some of the og's for the last time…

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