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  1. You got Chicago in the house got to get back to racing man get that car running right buddy boy you're doing no good sitting in that garage all the time got to get turning on them wrenches so you can get that car tuned then it'll be all good

  2. Matt keep up the hard work buddy love the videos also don’t pay no attention to the madness just do you buddy been fan for few years.

  3. Southeastern kentucky checkin in here. Missed ur live stream, watchin it now and lovin ur content and glad to see u back to racin again with the camero.

  4. I would sell the Camaro if you can fill all the spots. I would buy a Mike Lough 6.0L. Racing engine. He priced me a long block for what I thought is a great price. Look at the motor in Tommy’s Falcon. Hey only change oil and go rounds. Mike builds amazing LS stuff. He has some secrets with oiling to keep them reliable. I would buy a LS from Mike. He said he even had cores, I didn’t even need to send him a motor. He would set it up for turbos. It was about a 1/3 the price of building a big block that would make that kinda power. Plus the LS is a lot more reliable than a BBC, parts are cheaper and easier to find. Your Nova could be very competitive with one of Mike’s engines. She may need to go on a diet with some fiberglass stuff. But with one of Mikes motors you could spend more time making racing content. Way less down time. The nova is a nice car, you just need a badass motor. … Just my opinion.

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