Midwest Drags Day 2!! Great at The Track, but Then Problems!!

Day 2 of the 2022 Midwest Drags with Kevin and Cleetus in the Mullet El Camino!! Things start out much better at the track, but then we make a big mistake!!

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  1. When you 2 are working on Mullet, it reminds me of a funeral home because of the spectators in the background are wearing black and dark colored clothing.

  2. The more I watch these events the more I want to do at least one with my slow shit … great work by you both keeping Mullet on top !

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  4. What do the fellas talk about for the several hours y’all are on these drive days? Are you editing video, talking shop, looking for the world’s largest ball of yarn? 🙂

  5. Y’all just need to keep a backup 5 gallon gas tank in the trailer, or strapped to the back or something.

  6. You guys must be popular thither the other guests at those hotels, starting up that beast of an engine with nothing clogging its lungs and all at the crack of fart in the morning or last thing at night. We appreciate that you guys are also sitting up most of the night editing all this too, I wonder if a car could run on adrenaline caffeine loads of sugar and red bull just like what you two are surviving on. Well done thank you and as always all the best from Scotland.

  7. sounds like it has great muscle n the driver sounds like he's too excited, maybe bring it down a notch so if he loses he don't get emotional, always except the worst!!

  8. THE COIL ISSUE : when a coil is not presented with a load it can produce an absolutely insane votlage. this voltage can break down insulation inside the coil and/or affect the driver circuitry if its a smart coil (we never got the LS engines here in the UK so i don tknow) This is why you see coils fail regularly on cars with worn out sparkplugs, the gaps larger, so the voltage has to get higher to jump the gap, coils suffer. Dry firing a coil with essentially an infinate gap will cause "infinate" voltage to be generated, this is really goddamn hard on the coils for obvious reasons. All that said theres no way you guys have the coils wired up with power while bumping the valve lash so IDK. but yeah, never ever run a motor with the plug leads disconnected on modern coils.

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  10. some times when im leaving, i clik on A KSR vid pop a thumbs up , prs play and walk away, just to give Kev a bump! try it it feels good. give ksr a pump!

  11. Garrett, man, do us all a favor and use at least one jack stand. Seeing you climb under there with nothing but the jack holding it up is no bueno. Don't risk your life for no good reason. Love the varied camera angles you were using.

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