Maple Grove Raceway & mid season motor swap

Race #5 was at Maple Grove Raceway. My boys Bob & Mike flew in that Friday morning. I drew one of the 405 Team Attack chips. The motor blew up in the middle of that pass. Team 405 was struggling- not only did I break, Murder Nova did too. Both unfixable for the points race for Saturday. If you draw a chip, you still get 5 points. Chip draw went in our favor, we drew Murder Nova- at least we both got our 5 points and no other team got a free pass. What do you do at a race when your car is broke beyond repair to race? You stay up all night to sign, take pictures, and talk with fans. Because WITHOUT THE FANS WE WOULD NOT BE HERE!!
We had 1 week until the next race.. my crew flies home, I drive to Missouri to drop off the car at Home Wrecker Motorsports and then I head on to OKC to pick up my motor to put in the car. Watch this video and you will see why I say my crew was the best. After working their day job, they met at the shop and helped me get the car back together. 😎


  1. Damn, that blower is huge ! Knew it was big from it sitting in the car but watching you guys drop it in place put a bit better perspective to it. The intakes on that hat looked big enough to fit a baseball!

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