Light guess of the year vs Brent Self at The Grand Opening Battle of The Ozarks NoPrep

Well when you have a SN95 Mustang with a 5.3 in it and you’re severely out gunned and get a rematch against one of the Baddest Small Tire NoPrep Brent Self I guess u might as well guess the light and boy did Jeff Winfrey do just that and Brent still caught him by the 2nd cone, man is Brent a Bad man when it comes to NoPrep! Here’s the footage from Both Races including the Finals in the free entry $500 Small Tire Shootout on Fri Night and 2nd Round of the Grand Opening BATTLE of the Ozarks at Ozark Raceway Park And even some in-car footage of Brent from the guess race! Can’t thank him enough for allowing me to put my camera in there and the whole Black Sheep Mafia Team and Crew for everything! Please share away and hit that subscribe button! Thanks and God Bless!


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