Large Ratchet Collection.

Hi everyone this is my collection of my ratchets I own. most tool truck brands except Matco. I just haven’t gotten myself to drop over 200 dollars on one of there locking 3/8 drive flex head ratchets. Thanks for watching. Leave a comment or question if you like.

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  1. 123donmaster, that's a whole bunch of ratchets. I seem to use the same ten and maybe I own twenty total. Good video.

  2. very cool video. ratchet collections are the best! thanks for sharing. was thinking about getting a Ares ratchet looked like there made in tawain they have a lot of options on amazon for ratchets. love that mac 3/4 drive ratchet.

  3. 123donmaster, for awhile I had a 3/8 extension fantasy. I hope I am over it but if you got a bunch I would look at them. The chome, the impact, and also different lengths. I never got the 1/2 extension fantasy I have a few.

  4. Get the CP772 3/4 impact. Don’t worry about the low 1000-1100 ft lb rating, this thing is a monster.

    Both of those 3/4 ratchets would need a cheater pipe to be of any use. This is why heavy duty equipment companies purchase those expensive 3/4 ratchet heads that come with short and long interchangeable handles. Don’t was your money on those little 3/4 ratchets.

  5. Can you get some strong torque out of that 100 tooth 3/4 MAC ratchet? I just found a deal on Marketplace with a new snap on 3/4 ratchet kit with extensions, 10 sockets, breaker bar head, and a 20" handle for 500$ I jumped on it.

  6. The more I watch your vids the more I like! I come from the collision repair side of the trade and the 1/2 drive is as heavy duty as I need. Great job!!

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