Kye Kelley’s New Car For No Prep Kings – No Prep News Episode 26

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  1. I’m a new subscriber to your channel, and your podcast actually brings me back to when I had my car. I thought I got all that out of my system but apparently not. In fact I find myself thinking about street racing more and more. I might have to get back in the game… GOD help us all. 😎

  2. Yah, not only did TT's win back to back to back, but the very same pair of turbos won 2 seasons in a row. Bird Man won with his turbos, got newer ones, then at some point he loaned the older ones to Mike M. for the next season because Mike's turbo were jacked up or some shit.

    So Mike won that next season with the exact pair of turbs (Gen 1) that won the season before. Well that's what Mike said anyways…

    But I do like the Pro Charger set ups. Megalodon put his PC to fuckin work, brother. That Bitch was Bad Ass, and Nasty sounding too! 👍

    Gj & Keep it up brother

  3. It would be a Shocker if Kye doesn't stay a nitrous car. He uses Pat Musi engines and Pat is a nitrous tuning guru. Besides his girlfriend will be running a similar setup. So keeping it in the family so to speak.

  4. The past 3 winners have been twin but it's got tougher each year and big weight cuts before season 3 and now more weight cuts for season 4. With no cuts for the twin turbo guys…they want stop until another power adder wins

  5. I was at this year's Ennis Texas race and after lizzy was beat I was back in the pits & pat was talking shit about the car and whoever helped key build it..he said he would have lizzy a real car to race if she wanted to continue this bullshit talking about NPK..I've heard him speaking at 4 different races now and he is a ass hole..funny he talked shit about NPK a they changed the rules with weight cuts just for him & lizzy kye built that car for him & give it to her to drive because she wanted to race with them yet pat talked shit about the car & kye and whoever helped him.yeah and lizzy was standing there listing & shaking her head yeah,ok, really I guess when her new car is built he'll take his back & win with it

  6. Is it me or is there anyone else who is tired of watching Memphis?? They never lose, the races are hardly competitive. The 405 lost a few races and sometimes u had to go to the tape for the winner. I get it…it's their show, but I've been around street racing for over 40 years and no person or group wins every DAMN outing.. it's so predictable and boring

  7. Go check out street outlaws no prep talk just posted a video about Jeff Lutz new car with the picture of the back of his car

  8. So NHRA allowed Pro Chargers & Centrifugal Supercharger into Pro Mod competition & Justin Bond came off the trailer & set a new Pro Mod record of 5.62 seconds at the Door Slammer Nationals in Orlando. Rickey Smith said how he felt about it in the last episode of Burnout. He is pissed! Pro Chargers could upset the turbos this year.

  9. One of my favorite race rivalries was when daddy Dave had his truck and seeing Kye Kelly so upset because he could never beat the truck. I miss those days.. kye thought he was unstoppable because no one ever beat him until he met daddy Dave!

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