Kye Kelley Nitrous Camaro!!

In this video we have Kye Kelley who entered the big tire class at the virginia no prep event held in virginia. Kye Kelley has won many cash days street racing events but not a no prep kings championship. Kye Kelley has won several no prep events but not the whole series. This year is different as Kye Kelley continued where he left off last season where he ended up in the top five of all racers. This season starts with this race where Kye Kelley has the opportunity to place himself high in the points standing. So, this event had many racers who wanted this first win bad. This way the racers can sit comfortably until its time to separate themselves from the pack. Where would Kye Kelley sit? Well, after this race Kye Kelley is in the number one spot. Check out the journey to his way to the finish circle and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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