Kye Kelley Nitrous Camaro vs Murder Nova!

In this video we have Kye Kelley who is the leader of the nola team which short for New Orleans, Louisana. Kye Kelley is no stranger to being number one in the street for many years but can he be number in no prep kings? Its a question that is not impossible for Kye to achieve as he has won several no prep kings events. What makes Kye to dangerous as a racer? His great team and his commitment to winning. Kye Kelley drives a big Pat Musi motor with several stages of nitrous. A far cry from a single plate system that was getting the job done. Kye Kelley squared off against one of the 405 team’s great weapon, the murder nova. The Murder Nova has been a former number one car in the nation but has not one no prep king’s event. But, if anyone can an event at any given moment, it is the murder nova. Check out all the action in the video and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


  1. 959 ci engine pkus unlimited nitrous plus weights 500lbs less to beat a twin turbo or procharged 526ci engine.nothing ti brag about .run them.motherfuckwrs straight up same weight agunst the twin 98mm 481x

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