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  1. He’s building that Buick regal that he bought last year after buying the mustang decided he wasn’t gonna do it then buying another Camaro and decided he wasn’t gonna do it either

  2. Kyle has built a 3rd gen camero and it looks just like the Shocker, Ryan Martin must have as near as dammit $200.000 in his new End Game Chevell

  3. Man you have x amount of time and they by a mustang that was pretty jacked up when he bought it then decided he ain't building it buys the sweet looking camro then decides to build the regal he's had all along heck I thought he was going to say wait were building a different car 😉 but it came out badass. As always sim keep up the awesome work let's go ttve 💪 💯

  4. Bro CHANGE UR CHANNEL NAME TO STREETOUTLAWS TALK. BRO please start talking bout other stuff. Street outlaws stuff u always talk about we all .already no about the stuff u talking bout THEre so much more ahit to talk about than street outlaws. Ungood at this just need reaearxh n new stuff ro talk about. Its gwtn old. Plus i bet there alot of us who stop watxh wen chief left. Please talk bout something else for once thank you.

  5. This episode was a perfect example of why the nola show FAILED.
    Kye is the most BORING commentator/play by play guy you could get.

  6. Dude, catch up. The demolition of that piece of trash Mustang was last week. There's been no collaboration between Ryan and Kye. Kye just simply was not happy with the perspective cars to build and went back to the OLD IS SCHOOL drawing board.

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