KENNY BANGS IT THROUGH THE MOTOR! We are READY to test drive the Camaro!

Wet weather has hindered our hot rodding shenanigans this week but TOMORROW LOOKS PROMISING! Check out what’s coming up NEXT at OMG!


  1. Love the info about the ‘66 GTO. Brings back lots of memories. Too many to put here. Not close to stock. Bored, cammed, heads, geared, suspension, 4 speed. Great memories for this 72 year old, never say die motorhead.

  2. I hope Kenny, really has fun racing this Camaro. But I think he's going to be surprised with sticker shock when it finds out how much he is going to spend on tires, tire compound. And fuel. Not to mention broken parts. But that's all part of it. Race it, break it and fix it then do it all over again. Not to mention Kenny better start saving for a new rear end, I don't think hitting the Chevy 10 bolt rear with a shot at nitrous will last too long. I know every vehicle is different but maybe the next time you set up the nitrous controller you could do an overview on how to program it.

  3. Sure looks like Vicki might have lost her help with the merch. Harley looks like she’s into this racing pretty heavy.

  4. Jeeeeeeese 3.25 First with a 4.88 gear, Holy Moly 4.10 might be even a bit much! But sure would like to see it run! Wow I just happen to have a 70 Nova 396 4 speed might get Lucky and have a Carb Tuning Session!! That would be Awesome!

  5. Looking forward to the progress on Kenny's car. He's running the same engine as I am in my AMC Pacer Wagon. I think you'd have fun doing some tuning on mine lol. Once he hits the juice for real , Kenny definitely will be addicted!

  6. There is a go-kart rivalry coming up soon that we are just dying in the see, Kenny and Harley have officially been bitten by the let's go faster bug also I'll be looking forward to seeing the GTO project it's going to be sweet there's knowledge and entertainment here I can't go wrong you're doing a great job Bill keep it coming we as fans are never going to get enough 👍🏿

  7. Please put a dr on KP CAR. Those tires are def HARD. Pointless to have built strokeron nos with streettire on a race track….

  8. Morning is where it's at. I'm up 4-5 am everyday. So peaceful. No one up out and about, etc, etc. Not much to do by 10-11 o'clock at night anyway.

  9. My dad has a 66 with a m-21 and a hurst ram shifter, that I grew up in. Has a healthy 400 with 6x heads and a weiand stealth. Did decent wheelies for a n/a car

  10. Just helped a customer setup that controller today! Had some setting wrong, I got him all fixed up and happy to start spraying!

    Also what size carb is on that engine? Looks mighty big for just a 467

  11. Finely got my shirt ordered!! Love you guys, I watch all of your stuff helps me get thru the chemo, and I'm still working on my cars, keep it going

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