Kayla Morton's Scary Run vs Kye Kelley at Route 66 No Prep Kings

Kayla Morton ran lil country in a grudge match during the rt. 66 no prep kings event. Then she went on to take on Kye Kelley and with Pat Musi on board, Kye has been looking extra faster and consistent with his nitrous combination. This is the run that gave everyone on the property a scare. Then she took on the fireball Camaro which kayla had no easy path on this rt. 66 no prep kings event.

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  1. What happened she blew off front tire?the 405 should be shaking in their boot­čśÄ right now the way she run against a top number 2 on a list

  2. Great save I think not more lucky asf she didn't put it on the roof. The exhaust saved her ass, good driver she's not…A great driver would have hit that chute first wiggle she panicked and the chute was so late it was embarrassing. Anyone that knows, knows….

  3. Something blew just before the line. You can see the flash under the right front. Hard to race threw fluids. Hell of a save. She didn't have time to think about the pulling the chutes..

  4. Kayla almost beat smug Ryan with a blown tire and managed to keep her car off of the wall in a bad zig-zag on a rim. Many of these other guys got smoked by Ryan so everyone should be giving her some respect. She got some skills.

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