Joseph’s New Carb Problems and Jesse’s HTF1 Car Returns from the Welder!

We’re getting our Dirt Late Model ready to race with the XR Super Series at the Dirt Track at Charlotte!

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Thanks for watching! See you at the track


  1. Don’t throw away the fitting. Use valve lapping compound on the flare of the fitting and then screw on the line. Then work the B nut on the line back and forth, lapping the fittings together. Works like a charm. Then clean up ll the lapping compound obviously. We do this all the time on aircraft. You can also buy things called conical seals that create a soft aluminum interface between the fitting and the hose end bd they will seal almost any AN couplings.

  2. Just wondering, if y’all know when Joseph is running for Henderson motor sports car, is there plans for Jessie to race if they have a 602 or 604 support class?

  3. I'm a fairly new subscriber (since Cleetus drove your car at Bristol) and have a tire question. Why do dirt racers wrap them in "Saran Wrap"?

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