Joe Zolper's Blown Dodge Daytona at No Prep Kings at Rt. 66

Garage Squad’s tv host Joe Zolper brought out his blown dodge Daytona to the no prep kings at rt. 66. It was the first time he has done no prep and he had a blast. His competition was heavy with a lot of season no prep racers but he definitely had one of the most eye catching cars out there.

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  1. Such a cool ride. I know this was the first shakedowns he has done on the car. This car needs to run some radial tire races. Not really a no prep set up. There’s a reason most guys run turbos or centrifugal blowers. Roots and screw are king when the track can take your 60ft you put down.

  2. Looks like Joe's car just pulls the front end- tranfering weight- but that little "Pop up" comes back down and unloads the suspension. Look how Kilpatricks car responds off the line, it comes up and out. Just like Kamikaze and the Elco does they end up losing the race before it's even started!

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