A quick little update on the car, its been all hands on deck to get this thing sorted so I haven’t been filming much just focusing on trying to get it done. This video answers a lot of the questions I saw in the comments…

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  1. Hey Matt…
    Just a thought – Have a think about making a little weight basket that could clamp end to end between the rear cage over the fuel cell. Just a thought…
    Good work all over mate, keep it up 👍
    Also totally agree with some test hits for everyone’s safety involved. We all know you can drive, it’s not about that. We all want to see you safe is all, period !!!
    Good luck brother… 👍👍👍

  2. I love what You are doing it’s awesome and my friends call me the led lights king I have some really nice bright led 7 inch cob lights if you want one please let me know and k

  3. No doubt about it it's just not easy to film and work especially when you're at Max Capacity I'm with you on that one you should make the other Camaro chassis like you said for a different style racing where you could switch the engine and setup from the car you just got to the other Camaro back and forth if you needed to for a season sounds like you got one hell of a head on your shoulders and great plans I'll be here to like comment and subscribe when you drop your videos your true fans will be there no matter how long we have to wait just glad you have something to actually get you to where you want to be in racing the car is number one priority for sure can't wait to see your first run in that car💯👍🤜🤛

  4. It's great your making headway and also update or changing things over to make it simpler or easier for ya all for your race program and to try and be more long term for a couple set ups for different compound's of surfaces to be raced on it's looking and sounding better great to see no smoking in this video when I seen you picking it up I was a good bit worried about the engine internals glad it was to do with fueling and not heads or rings or so on keep up the great work Matt and Mallory ya all are rockin it congrats on the transitions in race life

  5. Good morning DNR Matt it is morning now cuz that's when I'm looking at your video very good idea to go through the car and make sure everything is right and change up what you think would be better for the car I think you're going to make it faster and more reliable and things that you're doing I hope you can make war in the woods I want to try and come down from Chicago to see it then following you and your bills I have a fools gold Nova just like yours except mine is a 78 same color I'm running a 496 gen 7 big block going to make it twin turbo when I finish good luck hope you make it to war in the woods and feel comfortable in the car this is Bernard starperformance LLC in Chicago

  6. Also its nice to see you in a legit race car that seems to be built good.. I'm pretty sure you are going to be alot more competitive in this once you get comfortable with it

  7. Congrats on the car 1st off! I haven't been able to comment, but saw the 1st video! Do your thing, make it yours and as easy to tune as you possibly can! Best of luck brother, see you out soon! Hey also, what's it run for a set of Snake Eater 210's from you..or a set that'll hold ~850whp on e85. I also have to upgrade pump(s). What would you recommend? 99 Camaro, 11.3:1 408, single 85/96 T4, 1.25a.r. No idea how it's gonna work, or if, what kind of power it'll make..but Mike Lough seems to think it'll be a nice setup. It'll have air, full interior, no cage, as of yet, but I'm not stupid and don't have a death wish!lol. Thanks man!

  8. Hey man, I'm down to come give you a hand with the car. I don't know much about tuning, but I'm capable of most everything else! As long as it isn't 30°, I'm down!lol

  9. I would like to see a little more information on the car like the weight the gearing and maybe the weight bias? Maybe torque converter specs also

  10. Not being negative at all, like I love the project, but when you see what some of the cars you are going to try race against have under the hood, and how much visibly lighter they obviously are, how can we talk about winning races? Are we not 500-800 Hp short and 5-600 pounds heavy? Please explain the mathematics here

  11. Good luck Matt, I think you are on the right direction with this car. Do it right and take your time and I would rather see content of you testing,tuning and changing things on the car at a local track than jumping in cold turkey in a race any day.

  12. That smoke just looked like it was very rich!! It wasn't oil smoke it was black rich smoke and I'm happy for you Matt I can't wait to see you making passes in it and you know that holley system well I'm betting you're going to be a top contender

  13. Iam feeling this build.
    Get her running turn key and consistent,then get a decent baseline and work on lowering it 👍
    All the best from 🇬🇧

  14. Won't the turbos suck in dirt off the front tires ? I had a 1/4 in stone suck into my turbo and destroyed the turbo and the engine

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