I wanted a sunroof and then things got out of hand! HURRY

all of my turbo needs have been a joined effort with Huron Speed
check them out for anything turbo related and for LS turbo kits

sponsor of the corvette transmission and differential brace


  1. Check Puddin's Fab Shop and see how he built his "lift" for his Toyota Carolla. It's called the TowRolla. He put mud grip tires on all 4 corners. It's a cool looking little rig and he uses it like a truck.

  2. Dude gut that thing out and make some drain holes in it and mud bog it all day long. Clean up the motor to run good again with a cheap oil change as well as the trans. Just to male sure theres no water in them

  3. There are thousands of clapped out cavaliers in the world and yet he destroyed a perfectly good running car with low miles. This could have been someone's reliable daily driver for several years.

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