I Told Her His Will Be Faster. She Wants More Power.

Twin Turbo Lsx Fox body Sounds So Nasty With This Btr Stage 3 twin turbo Cam.


  1. If it leans out when the fans kick on, you really need to adjust the low voltage latencies for the injectors and/or increase the short pulse adder (if an option). Could cause a big issue if the fan kicks on in the middle of a pull.

  2. It's so nice what y'all are doing for Canadian Don Vito. Maybe you could invite Bam to the track when it's finally running.

  3. In premiere pro: make sure you have your whole timeline selected before exporting or none of it (and it will export everything by default). You probably don't have your last clip selected for some reason and that's why it's not making it to the export.

  4. Her fox should be about ready to run 9s with a good tune and some 10.50 slicks. ASLO! The capsule would have to sale Capsule Corp on the side πŸ™‚

  5. Hope you see this comment . YOU GOTTA TRY OEM FANS !
    Get something from a contour/cougar v6 ! Fits foxbody perfect can pick any temp to cool it to . Get the factory oem fan not replacement. Use huge good oxygen free wire. Good connectors . Makes a difference ! 😁😁😁😁 ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️

  6. syphon tip use 2 hoses place both into tank 1 in the fuel one in open space above fuel level. stuf a rag around to make an air seal and blow air into te open soace pluging the hose between breaths the access pressure will create flow without need to taste gas

  7. I love the green car green Wheels all the wheels needed some glitter metal flake with clear maybe silver flake thanks for doing as it keeps me inspired I'm just the old retired Street racer

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