I take the MALIBU to a BLOCK PARTY at JaxWax! Plus! Gathering PARTS for Billy’s Nova REBUILD!

We took the weekend off from what we normally do, and got into some other street stuff. What basically turned out to be a MASSIVE BLOCK PARTY at Ajax Wax in Columbus Ohio!


  1. You are only able to do what you can do, you don't want to be wore out on the Track! Best outcome is we all get a good chuckle and a good vid !

  2. I have 4.6 novarossi engines that are modified and they are wicked fast it is a .28 they make modified or stock LRP .32's and they are super strong but not compared to my novarossi engines they are modified same as car engines with porting and timing look up novarossi .28 modified when you get time they are no longer made but I know where a couple new ones are still

  3. “Old Man”, I don’t think they’ll let you live down that round call nap anytime soon but at least you didn’t fall asleep while driving. You definitely needed the rest. Everything seems to happen for a reason.

  4. FARMERSVILLE!!!!! That's where I'm from! Grew Up working for Tony McKinney. Known him my Whole Life. If only you guys knew the Pole Barn Little Shed he started out of Wrenching and Mechanicing, that still stands to this Day, to where he's at Now! One amazing Man and Family right there

  5. Bill the 16v regulator part number for a cs130 alternator is a Regitar D694W or a J&N part number 230-12194 Mark can find it if you need it i'm sure.

  6. For what it's worth Bill, on our LS3 in our bracket car, we had to use an ICT Billet bracket that bolts to the passenger side of the block, in conjunction with a BBC Low Mount alternator bracket and a little home grown ingenuity to make a Super Mini 16V alternator (GM CS121 style case) work… It was a nightmare but ended up being ok once we got it done. It sits close to the passenger side head.

  7. Great video Bill!, sorry to hear about your bad luck!, I was working out in 95 degree weather, I sat down to take a break and fell asleep I woke up 15 minutes later to find a 5' black snake at my feet!, needles to say I had to change my shorts!, lololo!.

  8. Always fun to catch up on what y'all are doing Bill…shout out to Mrs. Vikki..keep em' on there toes..🤣🤣🤣❤..can't wait to see the nova back up and makin hits and the new rear in the Malibu…as always..Best of Luck and God Bless you all..!!!

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