Gorgeous '67 Pontiac Firebird with Catastrophic Transmission failure. TH350 Diagnostic Teardown!

First off let’s just state the obvious this 1967 Pontiac Firebird is absolutely stunning and we LOVE it, unfortunately something bad had happened in the not too distant past that took it out of commission. According the the customer he was cruising it home from an event, and first gear disappeared. Pulling the pan himself he saw debris which is obviously not good so began the process of removing the transmission. That’s where we come in.

Pulling one of these transmissions isn’t a real fun job in the first place, even less fun when you are trying to do it at home on your garage floor with basic hand tools. So he reached out to us, wanted to know if we could/would take on the job and had us come snag it with the rollback. And here we are.

So, get the TH350 Transmission “Turbo 350” removed from behind the Olds 455 sitting under the hood and let’s see just how bad the carnage is and what the plan of attack needs to be. This video isn’t a complete diagnostic teardown how to but it covers most of the major points and failures. Fortunately we have some solutions in mind to get this car back up and running semi quickly.

As you’ll see towards the end of the video and something we’ve touched on many times before, parts availability continues to be a challenge. Even when you order the right thing that may not be exactly what you get. Fortunately we’ve got some great connections with suppliers and vendors so downtime has SO FAR been pretty minimal.

Huge thanks as always to all our subscribers, followers, fans, and customers who have made our business successful and gotten our channel to where it is today. Special thanks to the SRC / Street Racing Channel / SRC Garage / Old Man’s Garage / Junkyard Digs folks for showing such amazing support for us over the past several months. Without all of you we wouldn’t be anywhere near where we are today. We hope you enjoy this one!


  1. You wouldn't believe how many people do not hook up the kickdown cable. Almost every car that Maple Motors on YouTube has they do test drives with none of them the kickdown cable it's hooked up to well I can't say none of them but a lot of them don't have it hooked up

  2. Metric bolts instead of standard, Chevy bell housing instead of b o p bell housing, what could be wrong internally? No one knows

  3. Owner has a STUNNING car. Always loved that gen. I was 10 yrs old when it hit the dealers. Trans lasted 55 years. Did it chunk the planetary set and drum? Curious old man just trying to learn, lol. Wish I knew 700r4`s, had it rebuilt last year and it blew up in late January. 91 C1500, swapped a used one in it on the ground. THAT was a fun job, considering I cannot lift it. Ratchet straps are my friend, 2 lifted it high enough between frame rails to get my jack under it. Added a trans cooler and the rebuild still took a shit. heard a pop sound and I had 4 neutrals. What a fun day that was. then somebody stole the used(on it`s way out) one I had in it while OEM was being "rebuilt". Trans shop owner got sick and closed the shop. $1800.00 shot to hell. Should have ordered one from Jegs.

  4. Musta engaged the secondaries on the 455 to destroy that 350 lol imagine what it would do to a 200 eeeeek! Nice car tho 👍👍🙏🙏

  5. I don't know how long you have had that tow truck, but you should not slide the bed back so far before you tilt it down, just slide it far enough to get away from the locks, then tilt until the stand is supporting the weight, then slide the bed all the way back, and when you are loading a car you should keep the stand on the ground until the bed is slid forward just before the locks, when you extend the bed without the stand on the ground it will bend the frame of the truck, and aluminum beds are very bad about over flexing and cracking, i drove for over 30 years, and this was taught to me

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  7. Definitely a full service shop and you never disappoint with the content 👏. Thank you. That is a beautiful car for sure.

  8. Ah that's the life of a Mechanic and how well do I know but anyway thanks for sharing with us and Good Luck with the Trans. 👍💪💪🇺🇸🇺🇸🍀🍀 From Alabama 👍 watching 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  9. I couldn't tell you how many times something like that has happened with aftermarket parts only rare occasions that the dealership made that kind of mistake so it shows me that sometimes things just happens and I tried not to let it bother me and then there's times you just have to laugh at the part you just received. Awesome car love them firebirds everybody has a camaro. Rice I still say your the man and you have awesome team so keep up the awesome content and as always be safe 👍

  10. Bummer!!! Please be sure to video the install and completion of this . That is a beautiful car and I myself would like to see the finished product!!

    Oh, and video the C 10 rear end change too!!!🤣

  11. Red flags everywhere on this transmission!! I’m not sure what your plan was since if you kept it you’d need an adapter! For simplicity’s sake I’d just return the trans for the correct unit! With this sweet of a ride the owner will be understanding!!

  12. I'm an electrician by trade but I love your videos (and SRC and The old Man) so much. I'm fascinated with your knowledge and skills. And what you guys did for Kenny Powers was absolutely GREAT!! That young man puts so much effort into working for The Old Man I know he will never forget what you did. You have a fan for life now.

  13. what the f tci how did that happen that is just plain not paying attention during building trans wow ! i have always trusted tci part guess ya cant i would have been pissed i received that trans like that wow sorry to hear that is just un real guys what a joke!💯 👍

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