Front Of The Line Wrong Line Qualifying In New England

Qualifying was rough on us this weekend at New England Dragway. Just couldn’t seem to get the car figured out. #racing #nitro #car

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  1. My father (H-modified back in the day) + nephew are out there supporting ya brother. They'll be around the pits somewhere lol. Anyhow wish I could have made the trip from NC but alas. My little 99 stroker ZR2 has me busy ,STILL fighting brakes.Dads car which was then Clem LaChsnce's car is still on track today! Go Maverick Six/Mad Frenchman! And GO CLAY more importantly! OK back to video, had to pause haha

  2. Great video Clay When the crew shuts off the engine in the pits are they removing the ail fuel line to the barrel valve hence the lean out RPM increase? Rather than pulling the fuel shut off in the cockpit

  3. Y’all don’t appear to be running as good as you were with mike at the helm 🤷🏻‍♂️. Looks like y’all be needing a crew chief. No offense but this is big business

  4. Love the team super serious each person analyzing their role. Dancing the fine line to scorch the track. Mad respect for your dedication and Sharing your journey. I only lived in Tennessee for a Year. But you boys are crazy! Love you brother.

  5. Why did mike go i used to enjoy his explanations as to why and how things happened i hope all is ok with him and you are all still friends

  6. Just got our tickets for Indy in September. We're very excited to finally catch you and hopefully Larry McBride in person. Gonna be a great time!

  7. I think it's great how much respect Leah and the other drivers show to Clay. Y'all have had some great races against each other over the years. You've got a great team, and you will get everything aligned soon to bring in those winning runs!

  8. As always, thanks for letting us into the pits and the trailer. We are shown how precise everything has to be in order to make the difference between a good run and one that needs to be improved upon.

  9. I feel you guys… don’t wanna age yourself talking about 94. I remember the year well, I kinda just lied around and got my diaper changed. Maybe learned to crawl

  10. Hi Clay thank you for talking us along with you in theses vids!!!
    Please can you tell us why or what happened with and to mike??,??
    I sure miss seeing him and explaining what happened showing the run screens.

  11. Truly sucks. But they shouldn’t have y’all following NPK. They are scraping to the 660 not the whole track. Just the grove. It’s what they did in Virginia. It’s probably why Boss man was telling you about Steve T moving the car so far over.

  12. It impressive the way you handle the adrenaline dump. Perfection from my perspective. Nice work as always. Thank you and your crew.

  13. Clay would be successful at whatever he chose to do in life. His attitude and positive outlook is commendable. Something everyone should strive for

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