First time Driving my 1500hp Drag and Drive Mustang and its INSANE!!!


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  1. Hey John met you almost 4 years ago at C&C Bradenton was a pleasure meeting you bought my 1st LS nasty hat there lol Hope to see you in the gang at F L2 K

  2. Guy at sheetz was checking out the blonde standing next to the mustang, he just didn’t c the mustache 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  3. I think the inaugural Drag and Drive event for Hank should be the next Carolina Cruise or Sick Week since both of them are fairly close to you and they are the shortest one's as far as I know

  4. Man, that car turned out pretty well! You guys hit it on the head with the coolant system, wasn't too bad moving steady. Can't wait to see it make a pass! 200mph street car…??
    I'm hoping my 408 and I found a Comp 88/96 T4, w/a 1.44ar, so I can keep my air, hopefully not have to move much around with the kit I have. I just hope it runs well, and I'm happy with it! I know the motor combo is rowdy, with a nitrous cam on a 200 shot, this combo has been high 8.60's…I'd be happy with close to that on 15lbs or so, and be well mannered on the street…although I did drive my 403 daily w/a 8" converter for over 2yrs.! Luckily it was tight for the bottle, but still lived at 3k rpm+… Looking for a set of cathedral port heads, if any of your guys have any used aftermarket heads..? Thank you guys for all the cool shit, I can't imagine trying to film and shake down a car on the street for the 1st time!

  5. True story on the tag, fictitious tag is a lot more expensive than failure to display a tag. Trooper gave me that knowledge when took mine for a spin and forgot to put the tag in it

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