Faster or Slower?

Finally changing the stator in this thing in an attempt to get faster, especially on the front side no prep events. I also have a plan, and think this stator may work great for the back of the track races when mixed with the dump valves. Let’s see if it is as easy to change this as Pete Nichols made it look on his video. Hope it helps!


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  1. Hey turbo John if your free Aug 12 on a Friday me and my dad will be running at county line raceway little old dirt track in elm city come out be cool to meet you

  2. think of the blades in the converter are like fan blades moving air, the more aggressive the angle of the blades, the more air it moves per rotation but, the more aggressive the angle of the blades, the more power it takes to turn it… because of drag/ resistance from the wind or fluid..

  3. Hey John had a question do you think a t5 with .92ar g turbine to small of a ar? It’s a 98mm precision large frame
    It’s in a 402 ls stroker

  4. Hey John, ain't there any tracks close to Willow Springs area, Hwy42 S. & Rock Service Station rd? That's the corner I live on, but it's not far from Fuquay closer to Garner. Man I'd love to see you in person racing, get that nice fresh air of burnt rubber & race gas!!! Should be a mans cologne!!!!! ✌😎

  5. I think you know what you are doing. And think you can figure out to make the car faster with alot of less weight just the way it is. Thanks for the videos.

  6. Struggling with the most simplest of tasks how the fark did U father children have you had dna confirmation and if so do U have brothers concerned for the welfare?

  7. Man I would like to see that car without all that weight in it. 100#'s is max in my fox. I have aluminum engine but mines not backhalfed.

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