Dumb Enough to Buy Our Dream Car?!

You would think that a mega-built Jeep Wrangler with a 426 hemi (or better yet, a 840hp Demon engine) on 40″ tires would satisfy our automotive-obsessed souls…but no. Our dream car may not be an off road monster, but it is one of the most iconic cars to exist. So when an opportunity to buy one presented itself, we did the opposite of what any responsible adult would do – we bought it.

And then instantly modified it.

Hope you all enjoy the video!

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  1. Chris, Inconel is not lighter than titanium.

    I work with Inconel 625 and it’s almost doubled the weight of 6AL4V titanium.

    Inconel and Hastelloy are both super alloys designed for high temperature applications.

    Titanium is 4.33 g/cubic cm, Inconel is 8.44 g/cubic cm, and Hastelloy is 8.22 g/cubic cm.

    Inconel is a pain to machine.

  2. Really not going to be the most popular opinion but please say you didn’t buy that thing. If you guys secretly have Ferrari and Lamborghini money you are a far ways away from the people living out of a Jeep Wrangler touring the country that we all found interesting not that long ago. I’m not saying you don’t deserve nice things but if this is now a show about multi millionaires going 4 wheeling with their fan club let me know now so I can stop wasting my time it just wouldn’t be interesting anymore.

  3. Someone is about to find out how much of a pain in the rear and wallet it is to own a Ferrari. They're one of the most unreliable exotic out there. With Maserati coming in a close second. But as the saying goes if you can afford the car you can afford the maintenance.

  4. You guys guys are awesome 😎 love you all, been watching for some time now. You should come to Washington to reader pit, it's in sultan Washington. Great trails they just built two years ago

  5. The smile on Kevin's face and his reaction says a lot !! I watch a lot of DDE videos but Kev's reaction to the exhaust sound is so genuine! You guys came such a long way in all the years i've been watching you and all the work, all the events and long hours you guys have put in to be where you are today is amazing. I don't get it tho, you should have so much more subs by now so i'm trying to spread the word about your channel and sharing videos as much as i can!

  6. Great wrenching & fab’g work! Now children be mindful of your neighbors… You don’t want them to get nasty & ruin the daycare center.

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