Don't Snitch | Who Done It? 🤷🏻‍♂️

#WhoDoneIt | #CurbedWheel | #Snitch
After finding out what happened to the Yiannimize van most bosses would be furious, however Yianni takes a different approach to the situation and instead gives the 3 main suspects a chance to explain themselves….But nobody wants to say who done it!

After much investigating Yianni manages to get to the bottom of the mystery and it’s someone who nobody expected!




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  1. Is it about the dead hooker in the back of van?
    No Pav, it's about the kerb crawling?
    That's not me, I only pile them up to take to basement later.

  2. When you need someone to help you move a dead body, call Pav.
    He uses company van.
    Rio will help cover it up.
    Never ever ever call Andy ever, he will rat out out.

  3. It’s funny, if you look back at the shots of the wheel with the knowledge that it’s been painted, you can see that it was actually wrecked so much more than is showing and there’s still some of the shoddy paint that’s held

  4. Hold up why did Natty leave, have i missed an episode?

    Sometimes i feel there is high turn over
    of staff apart from the core team.

    Who was Tariq ???

    He just come and gone too.

  5. You should of played a prank on them in your office and scared them 🤣🤣🤣 thinking it was gonna be a sack or something. 😂

  6. Ive seen the way pav drives that van round Enfield, wouldn’t be surprised if it was him😭😂

  7. To be honest a few people exposed there self of a lier and willing to cover up a problem because end of the day its meant to be a family so honesty unless ur a new guy lol but the ones who's been there and gets looked after as family because yanni is not a normal boss u can see that obviously he nos his roll but mmmmmm

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