Disco Dean Blown Cadillac & The Luminasty!

No Prep Kings Street Outlaw racers Disco Dean came out to race in his blown Cadillac at the houston no prep event held in baytown, texas. Disco Dean brought a new build recently which is this pink cadillac that looks amazing in person. Disco Dean has been in the top ten in points before this season and has always been in the top of every event by going rounds to rack up points. If there ever was a racer that sneak his way to the top under the rader is disco dean who has what it takes to win a championship. Standing his way is his team mate which drives a procharged lumina. Even though they are team mates they are racers which they race everyone to see who the winner is. Don’t sleep on these two racers as they have what it takes to win. Check out our social medias for more no prep action we cover below in our links.


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